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Were introducing a new achievements system for our contributors! Read more Overview. Open Qualifiers. Main Qualifiers. Wild Card. Group Stage. Main Event. Statistics. Special Events. This page is part of the The International 2015: Main Event tournament article. This compendium was made for The International 2015. It comes with many cosmetic items, and can be leveled up to obtain even more bonuses. A Level 50 Compendium is also available from the store. 25 of every compendium purchase goes towards The International 2015 prize pool. Get free DOTA2 The International 2015 Emoticon Pack III, Skins, Loading Screen, Arcana, Items by completing tasks, surveys, watching videos.There is a 7 day trade restriction on every new item purchased from the market. Dota 2 - Compendium Coin redeem for 20 items - Duration: 3:02.Collectors Cache The International 2015 chest preview - Duration: 4:59. dotatvru 19,640 views.Dota 2 - Arcana Drop - Duration: 0:50.

Sadly valve went more jewish on the items than I would have even expected from Blizzard and I cant sell it until 1 september. iAmGio : level 250 for this? lol.The International 2015 Dota 2.(Effigy Block) Статуя. 2 (est. 2015).GESC Thailand Dota 2 Minor.GESC Indonesia Dota 2 Minor.

300,000. DreamLeague Season 9.not fortunate enough to attend the event in person a way to enjoy the tournament in their own small way with exclusive items, drops, and challenges.ESL One New York 2015 DotA 2 Championship at the Madison Square Garden. The International and the DotA 2 Asia Championships are both This time, the studio have seeded the Dota 2 International prize pool with over a million dollars, but are shooting for 15 mil.New are Compendium Coins - a means to earn more items by completing Coin Charms, finishing challenges, earning trophies, grabbing random drops, and making predictions. Dota 2 - Arcana item drop скачать видео -. Показать больше Показать меньше.Dota 2 Dendi vs Mushi DAC 2015 solo 1v1 Puck, Lina, Shadow Fiend Grand Finals.The Most ICONIC Moments in The International History (Dota 2). Bull Battle Grounds 2015 Dota 2 Canada Cup Season 5 i-League Season 3 Starladder Season 12 The Summit 3 Dota 2 Champions League Season 5 Major All Stars Dota PitItem Bundles. Purchase. The International 2015. 25 of the proceeds of each sale contributes to the tournament prize pool. Its that time of year again: Dota 2s latest Compendium for The International is on sale within the game, with a load of rewards and stretch goals.Also, youll be eligible for item drops when spectating The International matches even if youre not watching the games live. Other offers. The International 2015 HUD. Inspect. Buy 0.91. My item. No available. In cart. Compendium - Dota2 - The International 2015 Compendium Compendiums are self-updating, interactive booklets that track statistics for certain tournaments.It should be noted that upon completion of the game, the coach will not be eligible for item drops or. Смотрите на нашем сайте видео Dota 2 - Arcana item drop. - HD видео бесплатно. Astro has confirmed that it will be screening The International Dota 2 Championship 2015 (TI5), and this will very likely bring in a largeImagine that something already happens before the match even starts. During a match, heroes will collect gold to buy items and experience to become more powerful. Dota 2 International 2014 Interactive Compendium.From the drop menu selectMake Offering. Certain items such as unusuals cannot be offered as they are deemed to rare.Top 5 Fixes for Football Manager 2015 Crashes, Errors, Wont Run, Low FPS, Exe, Crash Dump, Preferences. We bring you the latest Dota 2 news, coverage and schedules from eSports events and teams worldwide.Item Dota 2 2y ago. The International 2015 - 5 Compendium Levels. Dota 2 - Item Drops. Dota items are awarded periodically for a number of different activities.If you feel that you have encountered an issue with Dotas item system, please report the issue via the Dota Developer Forums. ОТКРЫТИЕ РУЛЕТОК, СУНДУКОВ, ШАРОВ ДОТА 2 THE INTERNATIONAL 2016 DOTA 2. В этом видео я открываю всё, что у меня накопилосUpdate: Buy discounted DOTA items: Check out our stuff in the stores! Dota 2 The International 2015 EG vs Ehome Subscribe Facebook Dota2TournamentsTV Web Browser Extension checking out the new items with me and gl to you all leveling up. The International 4 Compendium owners will also get the long-awaited alternate voice pack for Spectre, but whats really important is that Valve is going to overhaul, once again, the item drop system.Dota 2 New Bloom 2015 Gets Crystal Maiden Comic, Arcana Leaked via Game Files. By Stephany Nunneley, Friday, 1 May 2015 14:04 GMT.The International Compendium has been released for Dota 2 with the prize pool sitting at a lovely 1,917,155Users earn Compendium Coins by completing Coin Charms, finishing challenges, earning trophies, random drops, and predictions. ВЫПАЛ РЕДКИЙ ДРОП ИЗ The International 2017 Collectors Cache Dota2 Я НА ТВИЧЕ: КНИГА КАК ЛЕТСПЛЕЙ: Я В ВК: СИМУЛЯТОР ОТКРЫВАНИЯ СУНДУКОВ: VK Available exclusively to purchasers of The International Compendium 2015. Dota2. 1. Provide steam URL 2. Gifts will be delivered within 7 days 3. If item of The international 2017 need add firends and send gift after 30 days. Major events in a match where we would have previously dropped a normal item will now drop an effigy featuring the triumphant hero, or a random team member in the case of a group accomplishment.28 2015 The International Qualifiers May. 22 2015 Dota 2 Short Film Contest May. Dota 2 international team is happy to announce that we are here stronger then ever and we areVolvo dropped the millions! This year International concludes and a new champion is crowned!His most common item core is the shadow blade, which add more sneakiness and ninja play to him. DotA2 2015-05-05 compendium international update dota enigma level arcana point.Batriders New Taunt Animation and Lunas new taunt animation now added to the list of animations on the Effigies. Item Drop List Updates. TI5 Compendium - Dota 2: This guide details all there is to know about the 2015 Compendium, including prices, rewards, goals, and more.During the International, Compendium owners have a chance to receive special spectator item drops while watching live, ultimately giving them a free scepter that doesnt take up an item slot, and allowing Alchemist to wreckAnother cool addition to the compendium is a coin exchange system where players get coin dropsObiwon Cosplay Update: COMPLETED. The International 2015- DOTA 2 Championships. The International 2015 Emoticon Pack III. DOTA TV Tickets. Paysafecard Go4 Dota2 Europe.Item drop list updates. Online drop. Genuine Promo Scorching Talon. SLayer.Golden Fields. 50.00 Open 50.00. Random Dota 2 Items. The International Compendium 2015. April 30, 2015 - Dota Team.You can redeem coins in your Compendium for item or set drops. There are several ways besides Challenges to earn coins including random coin drops or by using Coin Charms. Immortal. Item Slot. Source. Release Date. Drop Rarity. Slots without Immortals. 2. Abaddon.Alchemist. 2. Eternal Radiance Blades. Weapon. Dota 2 Asia Championship 2015 Compendium. 27 Jan 2015. Dropped all Very rare items. More like thisOpen Immortal Treasure I Dota 2 The international 2015 opened Black Nihility for Night Stalker.

The International 2015 Effigy Reforger Pack | Drops an Effigy Reforger and an additional chance of dropping a Golden Effigy Block of The International 2015.South Sumatera DOTA 2 Amateur League 2015.All International 2015 items are now tagged as such. Dota 2s International 4 tournament with an insane prize pool of over 10 000 000 will start in less than 48 hours!I actually dropped an item during the qualifiers, but yeah, dont expect to get any drop. Valve has just announced new Compendium themed opportunities for Dota 2 players, in the form of earning Compendium Points and obtaining hero effigies by watching The International 2015.The official statement reads that drops from watching International games, including qualifiers, can now . Dota 2 Wiki.Effigy Reforger. The International 2015 Items. Access. The International 2015: Стиль интерфейса Corrupted. Rarity: Rare. Quality: Corrupted. Modifiers. HUD Skin1x. Creation Date: 2015-05-04. Type. Global Item. Slot. Стиль интерфейса. Visit : Immortal Treasure II (The International Compendium 2015 ОТКРЫВАЕМ The International 2015 Collectors Cache All items in this treasure can be consumed in the Armory to add 2 levels to The International Compendium 2015. Regular[edit] Fires of Vashundol 2 Treasure Drops1 Item per Treasure. Icon. Name. Rarity. Category. Drop Info. Price (USD)Price. Effigy Reforger.Golden Effigy Block of The International 2015. Legendary Tool. This is The International 2015 (TI5) Cursor Pack mods item for Dota 2 Reborn from The International Compendium 2015. Mod type: Standart. Hope you guys like this mod and support our favorite game in steam community market. Open Smileys Cursors on DropGun random Dota2 items Global Offensive case opening buy box with your favorite skin Global online steam inventory store. Case contains. The International 2015 Emoticon Pack II. Thanks to massive Compendium sales, the 2015 DotA 2 International will have the biggest prize pool in eSports history.Spectator Item Drops. Valve is also rewarding players by giving them rare items. 2015 Valve Corporation, all rights reserved. Dota and the Dota logo are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of Valve Corporation.Spectator Item Drops. Claim your piece of the excitement. As teams battle at The International, everyone who owns a Compendium will be eligible to receive The International 2015 was the fifth edition of The International, an annual Dota 2 eSports championship tournament, which took place at the KeyArena in Seattle. Hosted by Valve Corporation, the games developer Dota 2, esports, feature, The International 2015, The International 5, ValveQuirky time-travelling nightclub-crawling tactical RPG All Walls Must Fall busts out of early access today. Drop the beat. Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet launches on PC today. (Photo : Courtesy/ The "Dota 2" International 2015 Collectors Cache is now available for purchase exclusively to Compendium owners.There is a possibility that the Cache will contain an item which grants 11 Compendium levels. Each set from the Collectors Cache can be recycled for Dota 2 > General Discussions > Topic Details.Aug 5, 2015 5:05pm. Yeah how about pennant, i always wonder if pennant actually increase drop rate of heroic items. SmatCH|TRADE CS:GO/DOTA 2 wants to trade: (18 seconds ago). Peregrine Flight Windrangers Weapon The International 2016 Market.Inscribed Offhand Basher of Mage Skulls Anti-Mages Offhand weapon The International 2015 Market.