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How do you get all the methods of a JavaScript object? Update Cancel.Why use an object in JavaScript? What are the best JS books? Is JavaScript really a bad language? How can I add two JSON objects into one object JavaScript? Get Element by Matching the Value of the id Attribute. document.getElementById(idstring). Return a (none-live) element object.Heres JavaScript code that makes the first element with name"xyz" red. JavaScript Reference.HTML DOM tagName Property. Element Object. Example. Get the tagName of an element: var x document.getElementById("myP"). tagName In past versions of JavaScript it was fairly painful to figure out what properties an object possessed. Essentially you would need to manually iterate over the object and filter out inherited properties, like soIt doesnt get the names of inherited properties. Element.tagName (Property). The name of the HTML tag that instantiated this object.

Availability: DOM level - 1. JavaScript - 1.5.With this capability, we probably dont need innerHTML, OuterHTML, innerText and outerText properties anymore. However, we will need to get a little bit script type"text/javascript"> (.Also, tagName is not a function, but an attribute. Upon reading use the . get(0).tagName function, I used automatically typed .get(0).tagName() in my code (with the parentheses after tagName).

tagName. javascript - jQuery: Get selected element tag name - Stack Overflow.Similar Queries. Finding elements by Tag and getting their Attributes. Solution 2: Converting the string of tag names to Tag objects in the setter. document.body.sayTagName function() alert(this.tagName)So, DOM properties and methods behave just like those of regular JavaScript objects: They can have any value. They are case-sensitive (write elem.nodeType, not elem.NoDeTyPe). Hi there: Is it possible to probe the name of the variable assigned to an object instance in JavaScript?Maybe you can alter the prototype of a function object to get it to do what you want to? Document.getElementsByName("title") returns a set of elements not a single element so within a cycle you could use element. tagName to get the tag. Basicly. Document.getElementsByName("title")[0].tagName should work. Javascript Objects.tag document.all(i).tagName ludder/getParentByTagName.js. Created Nov 9, 2012. param Object node DOM node.

param String tagname HTML tagName. As you know, we can create an object of any function using new keyword. Some time you want to know a type of an object to do some process ahead. Use typeof operator to get the type of an object or variable in JavaScript. HTML DOM Document Object. Definition and Usage. getElementsByTagName () method returns a collection of objects with the specified tag name.document.getElementsByTagName(tagname).