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Popular. Borneo. Iceland. North Korea. Russia.Northern Lights by Boat. Sail into the night from Reykjaviks historic harbour in search of the incredible aurora—whales not included!Weve always pushed the boundaries of alternative travel and well take you to places that other tour operators cant. Way of travel All Tours Self-Drive Tours Guided Tours Short Breaks Around Iceland Off the Beaten Track Slow Travel Northern Lights Theme Tours Hiking / Walking.Northern Lights by Boat. Duration: 2 - 3 hours. Seasons: Oct - Apr. Areas: Reykjavik area. (All options cost the same amount or more as your northern lights by boat ticket).You can expect any kind of weather in Iceland, and your boat tour might be cancelled with short notice due to weather. This is the highest rated ice cave tour in Iceland, so book now to secure your spot. Just choose the time which fits.See More.Home » Book your trip » Nature Tours » Northern Lights Tours Holidays » Northern Lights Boat Tour from Reykjavik. A Northern Lights Boat Tour in Iceland will quietly take you across the bay and let you experience the lights in a very different atmosphere than the one you get when you take a bus tour you will be on a boat in the middle of the ocean, away from the city Northern Lights by Boat. Tour details: Operator: Reykjavik Sailors.Booking Office is a ICELAND-based tour booking company. We are committed to service to all who may be interested in exploring our beautiful nature and experience all that the country has to offer. - Camera settings - Foreground exposure - Light pollution - Aurora Photography Tours in Iceland - Photos of the Northern Lights Gallery.

Special tours is a whale watching tour operator that in wintertime offers a convenient and fun way to go aurora hunting, by taking you on a boat ride for Northern Lights Trek and Ice Cave 4 Days / 3 Nights. Iceland Ring Road Express 6 days 5 nights.

Greenland: Ilulissat Summer Package. Northern Lights boat tour in Iceland - Solar Storm - Duration: 1:50. Etienne Mentrey 771 views.TRIP TO ICELAND IN WINTER - NORTHERN LIGHTS, VOLCANOES, AND GLACIERS - VLOG - Duration: 15:23. A Whale Watching Tour! The adventure menu at one of Icelands most popular restauarant, Kopar, starting with a welcome drink!(All options cost the exact same amount as your northern lights by boat ticket). Northern Lights Tours. Golden Circle, Secret Lagoon Bubble.The whales around Iceland surface and shows off their tricks, often coming very close to the boats and you can sometimes spot dolphins jumping too. Tour Type Airport Shuttles ATV Iceland Bike Tours Bird Watching Iceland Boat Tours Iceland Buggy Tours Iceland Camping Caving Christmas Diving Fishing inFrom The Northern Lights to The Blue Lagoon, you will find a wide range of holiday packages and travel package deals to choose from. The Northern Lights are visible in Iceland from October to April. The guided tours closely follow the forecast and take you to get get the best view.Guided 2 hour (approx.) northern lights tour from Reykjavik. Traveling by boat. Northern Lights Boat Tour Day Tours Iceland Travel Image GalleryReykjavik northern lights by boatReykjavik northern lights tour in a super jeep iceland A new experience of the Northern Lights in Iceland.Included: - Guided boat tour - Warm overalls - Wireless internet on board. Northern Lights Off the Beaten Track- Basecamp Iceland21.900 ISK.Northern Lights by Boat- Reykjavik Sailors9.790 ISK. Tour Description: Experience the Northern Lights Like Never Before. You would like to head out on an adventure Join our Northern Lights Boat Tour and see it for yourself. When you are in Iceland during the cold winter months one of the things you must do is a Northern Lights tour.

Heli-Northern Lights by boat. Want to get the best of both worlds? Start your day by taking to the sky.We make a landing at a nearby summit where you can breathe in the fresh mountain air and take in the panoramic view of the city. Northern Lights / Aurora Borealis Boat tour from Reykjavik city.Experience the Northern Lights in Iceland like never before on this boat tour from Reykjavik city. Reykjavk Northern Lights by boat and Dinner. We will be Tasting some Salmon and looking at the Northern Lights.Wonders of Iceland. Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon Boat Tour. Travel Info. Time Tours Iceland. Northern Lights Tours From Reykjavik. Iceland Trip With Airfare. Small Group Northern Lights Tour By Super Jeep 2018.Northern Lights Boat Tour. Premium Northern Lights Tour via Bustravel Iceland. Northern Light Cruise Deluxe via Harpa Yachts. Northern Lights dinner cruise combo via Elding. Northern Lights by Boat via Special Tours. Probability of northern lights - The Icelandic Met Office. What causes this spectacular phenomenon, so characteristic of our northern lights here in Iceland? Well, its electricity that does it - and of course it all goes back to the sun. Iceland Winter World ISWT-02, Winter in Iceland. Adventures and winter holidays and tours in Iceland Reykjavik.Day One. Northern Lights by Boat. Duration 2 hours. Northern Lights by Boat from Reykjavik.Well have done two tours here in Iceland with less than desired success. Did the Northern Lights boat tour last night, and saw a pretty sky, but nothing resembling the magical moving green lights, just long cloud-rainbow like streaks of grey, no green TOURFROM 16Visit to Aurora Reykjavk: Northern Lights Center. TRAVELADE ORIGINALSpend a Day in Reykjavik Like a Local.Winter Sightseeing Outdoor Southwest iceland Reykjavik Sailing Outdoor adventures Aurora Borealis Tours Boat tours Group tours Northern Lights Tours and Northern Lights Boat Tour. Magical Auroras.Golden Circle, Jkulsrn, Ice cave, West Iceland and Northern Lights. This is a fantastic way to explore some of Icelands most famous sights. During the dark winter months, Iceland is an excellent place to experience the magical Northern Lights as they dance across the skies. Ive often stayed up late to catch a show, especially when the forecast is good, but until our recent Northern Lights boat tour Price/Person. Single Supp. Northern Lights by Boat. All Dates. 105. - Additional Information.Available on all Iceland tours that depart between 1st September and 15th April. Northern Lights by Boat is available at the following times. If the northern lights boat tour is cancelled, but aurora conditions are favourable, we offer a replacement northern lights tour by bus, plus a chance to join the boat tour the next available day. 5541 RUB. This famous tour was designed to hunt the northern lights while sailing on the North Atlantic ocean, giving you a unique and fulfilling experience, far from the bright lights of the city. Northern Lights Snowmobiling Tour. Description. We start the journey driving straight to Langjkull area, Icelands second largest glacier.Northern Lights by Boat. Travel Stories. A Two-Day Layover In Iceland: Heres What You Should Do! Traveling From Boston: She Says Iceland Is Pure Magic. Nature.When it gets dark prepare to snuggle up in a warm overall on the Northern Lights viewing boat by Special Tours. Northern Lights by Boat. Tour. Away from the city lights.Unleash Iceland. 19.900 ISK. If the northern lights boat tour is cancelled, but aurora conditions are favourable, we offer a replacement northern lights tour by bus, plus aDress tip: Dress according to Iceland weather and dont forget your hats gloves. Our staff always do their best to keep the boat decks clear of ice/snow Join other so see the Northern Lights by boat.Other exiting adventures in Iceland."Welcome to the Northern Lights tour page". When the Northern Lights forecast looks good - but it is too windy to go out on sea - we will still take you out for a Northern Lights tour on a bus - plus a chance to join our boat tourNorthern Lights Mystery. Join a mysterious tour, looking for the Aurora Borealis, on a dark winter night in Iceland. Northern lights Tour. Hotel Pick-up and drop-off in Reykjavik. Duration: 3 hours. Guided bus tour. Departure: Departs from Reykjvik.Guided boat tour outside of Reykjavik bay. Departure: Departs from Reykjvik. ISK: 10.990,- per person. Northern Lights Boat Tour Day Tours Iceland Travel Image GalleryNorthern lights by boatGlacier lagoon iceland - amphibian boat tour - iceland Special Tours offers amazing whale watching tours from Reykjavik, Iceland. 10 online discount! Visit our site for further information and more Tour area. The Northern Lights cruise is focused mainly on the southern part of Faxafli, just off Reykjavk.Iceland is a great place for wildlife watching and here in Faxafli bay youll find a variety of seabirds and marine mammals. Our Boats. Whale Watching tours all year round and then Northern Lights by Boat, Puffin Watching, Sea Angling, Reykjavik by Sea and a New Years Fireworks Cruise.Thank you again for your review and we hope that you enjoyed the rest of your stay in Iceland! Kind regards, Special Tours Crew. 45 USD. Northern Lights by Boat - Experience a hunt for the Northern Lights at sea! Overview Hunting the northern lights from the ocean is an amazing experience sailing away from the coastline of Reykjavik and seeing the aurora borealis out on the Northern Lights by Boat from Reykjavk. Partner tour handpicked especially for you.I Heart Reykjavk is a travel blog and an awesome travel agency and tour company, offering unique experiences in Reykjavk, Iceland. Northern Lights By Boat.Northern Lights Holidays. Day tours in Iceland. Iceland Fly Drives. Midnight Sun Holidays. Blue Lagoon Holidays. Travel in Iceland. Activities. Dining.Far away from the lights on land, the North Atlantic is a prime location for catching the Northern Lights. Sailing away from the lights of Reykjavik, this boat tour is unfettered by the road network and can go directly to where the Aurora Borealis can be seen best. We were lucky enough to have been invited to a northern lights boat tour whilst staying in Iceland and is definitely an amazing experience. Sailing away from the coastline of Reykjavik at night is cool enough, but to go out in search of the northern lights by boat and watch the northern lights dance Boat takes us far away where there is very little city lights. Tour doesnt end on time and would continue till we were satisfied with what wed seen.Have a bit of luck! Northern Lights by Boat (Reykjavik Excursions) Iceland. Reykjavik: Northern Lights Boat Tour. Duration. 2.5 Hours.Any Country Andorra Austria Belgium Bulgaria Croatia Czech Republic Denmark Estonia Finland France Germany Greece Hungary Iceland Ireland Italy Latvia Lithuania Malta Montenegro Netherlands Norway Portugal Romania Russia shirokov February 3, 2018 January 30, 2018 No Comments on Northern Lights By Boat Tour Iceland.