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What do you want to read about? What does it mean when a phone is locked? A simple explanation. How can I tell if my phone is locked? Its easy to find out. Heres how. Is it legal to unlock phones? A brief look at the legality of phone unlocking. How do I unlock my phone? Need to unlock an iPhone? Answer: What does having an unlocked cell phone mean? When a cell phone is " locked," it can only be used on the cellular carrier that sold you the phone.Answer: Unlocked phone means that the phone will accept SIM card from any mobile carrier no matter what carrier had provided the phone at Sometimes while using android mobiles people faces issues of locking their phone. That means sometimes users lock their phone and forget password that time is really very bad because they cant do anything with their phones without unlocking it. But how did this actually happen? To more clearly understand the change that went into effect today, we have to flash back to the heady days of 2010.In this case, the CTIAs argument basically boils down one of money: the practice of locking cell phones is an essential part of the wireless industrys What does it mean when you buy a phone SIM Free?Now we come to look at the mobile phones or smartphones themselves. What is a Locked Phone or a Network Locked Phone? Read about the Windows Phone status bar and what the different phone icons mean.SIM card is locked.() icon might look different on your phone and can vary by mobile operator. It accepts China mobile SIM and China Unicom SIM cards. Does this means its unlocked or still locked, except for these 2 providers. I will travel to New Zealand and Europe and really need an unlocked phone. What does "unlocking" mean? Mobile Unlock Admin. September 02, 2015 08:35. Follow. Your mobile phone is locked when you purchase it, allowing it to only operate on one mobile phone network. Wireless carriers lock their phones so the phone only works on their network.

If you bought your smartphone from another carrier, youll need to have it unlocked to work on the Public Mobile network. Not locking into a contract usually means saving some big bucks on cancellation fees.Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) is another kind of phone that is used most often by Sprint, Verizon, Virgin Mobile and Alltel.Live View GPS. Related Articles. What does unlocked cell phone mean. Can the mobile phones locked on theft be unlocked? It can be done by typing "984268".What does it mean if there is a tape icon at the top of your mobile phone? It usually means you have an unheard voicemail. We call it a LOCK IN. "Dan Graves" wrote in message I see references to "Unlocked" phones. What does this mean?User Control Panel Private Messages Subscriptions Whos Online Search Forums Forums Home General mobile phone forums General GSM Bluetooth Technology Airtime providers Unlock.my provides both unleashing services for locked mobile phones. When a mobile phone is unlocked by using this service itll accept any Sim much like an unlocked mobile phone does. A: Mobile phone registration differs from carrier to carrier but usually requires inputting personal information along with the cellular number to set up an o Full Answer >.

What does "XD" mean in chatting? What does unlocked and locked phone mean?Its the T-Mobile C7-00 Astound and the 2 year contract is over. I listed it on Ebay as unlocked I switched to Sprint earlier ago so the phone is useless for me. Locked mobile phones are usually GSMphones that use a SIM card - hence the use of the term SIM lock.What is a Verizon Unlocked Phone - what does unlocked phone mean? the verizon iphone 5s is unlocked out of the box to work on att which also opens it up to What Are Unlocked Cell Phones To know what does an unlocked cell phone mean, you must know what are locked phones.How to Unlock a Cell Phone The best way to unlock your cell phone is through the mobile phone company itself. Phones are often locked to specific networks. If you have had a contract in the past or are making payments on a phone, youre provider may have locked the phone.You can still use your phone once it is unlocked, but it will now be ready to move to Virgin Mobile. That could mean anything from logging into your email on a computer to borrowing a friends cell phone, depending on what you need. theres no quick fix for getting into a locked phone. Certain models of mobile phones can be unlocked only with the hardware method that can also work for hard- locked phones.cheap, unlocked cell phones for boost mobile, unlocked cell phones near me, unlocked cell phones no contract, What Does Locked Unlocked Cell Phone Mean, What Does You may commonly see the terms "locked" and "unlocked" when shopping for a mobile phone on online marketplaces. A higher price typically accompanies an unlocked phone, but that does not necessarily mean that unlocked phones are better. An iCloud Activation Locked phone may be stolen, otherwise the real owner is likely to have removed the lock before selling. You shouldnt buy one as youll never be able to use it fully.Why cant you use it fully, I mean what are the disadvantages? Meaning of MOBILE PHONE. What does MOBILE PHONE mean? Information and translations of MOBILE PHONE in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. SIM Locked. This typically means that the phone will only work on the network of one specific operator. This is handled by the GSM network and doesnt have anything in particular to do with the Windows Mobile software itself. More info. Bootloader Locked. How long does a mobile stay network locked? Does a dodo sim card work in an optus locked phone? How long are optus mobiles locked? What does it mean when a phone is locked to optus? What does it mean Neverlock? What is the difference between Neverlock and Unlock iPhone? Lets see. Neverlock ( phone never locked) means that the iPhone works with all mobile operators without any additional chips or programs. You want to know what does unlocked phone mean to start unlocking procedure on your locked cell device that you can use it on the cellular carrier that sold you theTo make your locked cell phone unlocked is legal. Your cell phone unlocked will work properly like any other normal mobile phone. To recoup costs, phones are "locked" to only work with that one carrier.BTW. just because you pay full price for a phone to be "contract free". it does not necessarily mean its "unlocked". Locked cell phones are mobile phones that can be used on any GSM network with interchangeable SIM cards.Related Questions. What does it mean to jailbreak or unlock a phone? Why do phones have to be unlocked? Unlocked cell phone means You can use with different network. Normally some mobiles are locked by particular provider. So you cannot switch over from another network.wendorfjohn Post 1. how do I add my sim info from my cricket phone to an unlocked phone? A locked mobile phone is one that has been restricted by software so that it can only be used with a single network or carrier. Locked mobile phones are usually GSMphones that use a SIM card - hence the use of the term SIM lock. A CDMA phone typically does not use a SIM card. We say typically because there are some phones that use both GSM and CDMA technologies.Next articleCraigslist Checklist When Buying a Used, locked or unlocked iPhone.Unlocking your Mobile Phone may soon be FREE. Feb 03, 2014 Unlocked GSM phone means that it wouldnt be locked into a specific carrier network.But unlocked GSM phones from ATT and T-Mobile will work on each So what does this mean A locked mobile phone is one that has been restricted by software so that it can only be used with a single network or carrier. Locked mobile phones are usually GSMphones that use a SIM card - hence the use of the term SIM lock. I m looking at this used phone on Ebay and the owner said hes not sure if its locked to O2 or not . So if it is what does it mean , and could i still use it ?Send feedback. Consumer Electronics Mobile Phones Plans. If the phone is asking for a SIM Lock password and the factory default of 0000 or 00000000 does not work, this means that the Security Password on the handset hasThere are trained technicians who can check the unit and give you the instructions on how to deactivate the lock of your mobile phone. So what does this mean for the average consumer?But because of software locks and how the phones are provisioned for each network, Virgin Mobile customers are restricted from using Sprint devices on a Virgin service. When people describe their phone as locked it could mean a number of different things.This page is all about how this type of mobile phone unlocking and how to unlock your phone from the network. To find out how to do this read our article below What does SIM lock mean?Hard lock means your mobile phone gets permanently locked when you enter wrong SIM unlock code for greater number of times than what your phone actually permits. What does unlocked and locked phone mean? I plan on buying a cellphone off craigslist.Answer: Unlocked Phone means - A phone in which you can use any Sim card like - T- mobile, Verizon or At Do More.Most cell phones and smartphones are tied—or locked—to a certain cellular carrier, such as Verizon Wireless, T- Mobile, ATT, or Sprint.For many people, purchasing a locked phone makes sense: The carrier offers a discount on the handset in exchange for you signing a service Note :For Nokia 5000d-2 mobile phones locked to the network Fido or Rogers in Canada follow these instructions : 1 - Switch on your Nokia 5000d-2 without any sim card.What do you mean by Security code. Will this is pretty much my first cell-phone(Nokia 6275i from Virgin Mobile Canada) and I keep on reading about locked and unlocked and whatever. What does it mean when your phone is locked and how do you know? What does "T-mobile Unlocked" Mean? | Official Apple Support Communities.A locked mobile phone is one that has been restricted by software so that it can only be used with a single network or carrier. What does unlock your phone mean?Usually a new mobile phone bought from a network provider is sim locked to that provider, in order to prevent you using other networks and bend you to his own contracts and services. For example, if ATT paid for the phone, ATT would lock it so that it could only be used on ATT and not T Mobile.

Опубликовано: unanimapersa. UNLOCKING PHONES!! WHAT DOES IT MEAN Изображение. What does unlock your phone mean?Usually a new mobile phone bought from a network provider is sim locked to that provider, in order to prevent you using other networks and bend you to his own contracts and services. To know what does unlocked cell phones mean, you need to know a bit about GSM phones and how they work. A locked cell phone is a phone that is programmed to be tetheredDeciding on the most suitable handset or mobile phone unit may be one of the most expensive and difficult things to do. Unlock now in 3 easy steps what does locked or unlocked phone mean from ATT, T- Mobile, Verizon, Rogers, Fido, Bell, Telus, O2, any carrier. What Does It Mean When It Says "iPhone Unlocked?" Category:Computers electronicsRelease time:2013-07-19Views:130.Nearly all cellphone companies sell their phones "locked," meaning that the phone can only be used on their network. Thus, if you buy a phone from T- mobile, you cannot