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Home/ASP.NET Forums/General ASP.NET/Getting Started/2 minutes before session timeout, warn the user and extend it.I already got the javascript in place, so I was looking for really, a solution of how to extend the session time. Accessing session variables in ASP.Net. Well as we said before, it is not completely true when someone tells you, that session values cannot be used in JavaScript. It can be done, but with limitations. So, next method is using Javascript and thanks to this blog. automatic-redirect-upon- session-timeout-using-javascript/.Complex Master-Detail Form using Knockout.js and ASP.NET MVC. March 21, 2014. I have a page of each every click has ajax call to my server (hence, the ASP extends the session).Get ASP.NET Session Last Access Time (or Time-to-Timeout).ASP.NET JavaScript Callbacks Without Full PostBacks? I have this following session time javascript code.