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Will 3 Noctua NF-P14 FLX Fans make any difference when Overclocking my i7 4790K to 4.5ghz/4.7ghz Will it be sufficient enough for cooling down my CPU?Itll even perform a load test while checking to make sure the chip is running within acceptable temperatures. I have a question about the temperatures that Im getting for my 4790K processor. Like some other people Im getting extremely hot temperatures when testing the processor at full load. I am using a Gigabyte Intel Core i7-4790K 4-Core 4.0GHz Compatible Motherboards.Select a motherboard manufacturer to expand a list of Intel Core i7-4790K 4-Core 4.0GHz Processor compatible motherboards. Overclocking Intel i7 Temperature CPUs BIOS Stress Test. Weird i7 4790k temperatures :O ? solved i7 4790k Temperatures4790k Temperature Under Load (4.8ghz, 1.33V) - Duration: 2:37. Disini, karena perubahan clock yang besar (dari 3.7Ghz ke 4.2Ghz pada saat 4C / 8T load, dan 3.9Ghz ke 4.4Ghz load), Prosesor Devils Canyon 4790K memiliki performa lebih tinggi sekitar 10-13 dari Core i7-4770K.Core i7-4790K Temperature. Article Navigation Page 1: Introduction Page 2: Features, Specifications Micro-architecture Page 3: Core i7-4790K In The Flesh Page 4Temperatures and Overclocking. Its widely accepted that Intels Core i7-4770K can get rather hot, especially when the chip is fully loaded and an overclock is applied. Temperatures during load of Core i7-4790K (DC) at stock speeds. Both processors were run on the ASUS Z97-Deluxe motherboard with a Corsair H80 self-contained water cooler.

Take a look at the two temperature readings above. Boards. PC. i7-4790k owners.4.

5ghz I idle around 31c and and game load it gets to about 60c. I havent checked 100 load since my thermal paste settled but before it did I saw 75c after a few hours. If you just upgraded last year, the benefits probably arent substantial enough, but if you upgraded in 2010 or before, the Core i7-4790K is a worthwhile investment, and is our new Editors Choice for high-end processors. Not sure if it helps, but, for reference, heres some temps I measured on my 4790K (with RealTemp 3.7) at stock speed, stock voltage (0.756 idle, 1.176 load).With the stock cooler, you should be seeing temperature rises somewhere in the ballpark of the temps I posted above (and lower than the Post your i7 4790K Temperatures. Discussion in General Hardware Discussion started by audioslave74, Jun 28, 2015.I opened this post for those have Devil Canyon i7 4790K and have issues or good temps with cores. Setup: CPU: i7 4790K - stock (no overclocking) Motherboard: Asus Maximus VII Hero (bios settings at optimized defaults) Cooler: Coolermaster Hyper T4 Thermal pasteI ran the Small FFTs test. Here are the images from HWiNFO at both full load and idle states: Are these temperatures safe?? Download Lagu Core I7 4790k Temperatures.Mp3 Download Full Album Gratis Terbaru 2017. Lagu ini dapat kamu download dan Streaming di LaguMp3 secara gratis Tanpa Login atau Registrasi.Prime95 i7 4790k Stock Cooling 100 Load Temperature. With load, the temperature between the overclocked 4790K and 4770K is a Delta T of 9 degrees with the 4770K capping out at 94 degrees Celsius. The i7-4790K definitely wins out in terms of thermal consumption efficiency and is something that is more than enough for the overclocker looking to win a CPU: Intel Core i7 4790k 4GHz Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-Z97M-D3H LGA1150 Ram: 8GB Single-Channel DDR3 Video Card: None Memory: 120GB SSD Capture Card: SC-512N1-L/DVI. I never had any problems with the Avermedia Live Gamer HD. Im comparing notes per a Corsair C70 project on Cases Cooling, which involves an i7-4790K processor. My Sandy Bridgers throw out about 140W-worth of thermal energy, and with "great" air-cooling, I can keep the most severe load test temperatures at an average below 72C ambient 77F. In our temperature test, we let the computer run the LINX stress test for 30 minutes in order to get our load temperatures.In the end, the new i7 4790K Devils Canyon CPU is definitely an improvement over the original 4770K. Wednesday, July 9, 2014. Overclocking my Devils Canyon Core i7 4790K.Finally I managed to get it stable in OCCT at an Input Voltage of 1.90V, but OCCT terminated the stress test after 53 minutes as temperature of one of the cores reached 95C, the temperature limit I had specified in settings. I managed to overclock my i7 4790K to 4800 MHz running at 1.32V as a maximum. Below that value it would BSOD. What I am not certain about are temperatures of my processor. I made a picture comparing default clock with turbo boost Our review of the new Intel Core i7 4790K. It has been some time coming even though we have had an Intel sample for some time now.Even a load voltage of 1.408V would not give us stability, despite temperatures staying below 85C. Temps are good but cpu-z says 4.8ghz until I put a load on the cpu then it begins to throttle all over the place. Its like it has a new frequency every 3 seconds.Going to lower my voltage to 1.215v to see if that helps any. I set an option in the bios for temperature protection OFF to see if that helps and it I have a Intel Core i7 4790k with a Hyper 212 evo cooler on it in a new system I just built. I dont know much about temperatures but thought I would test my temps to make sure I got the cooler on correctly with enough thermal paste to do the job. I7 4790k Noctua NH-D15 temperature 100 CPU Load All coolers are on silent mode. Cpu load 100 and the temperature is at 70 degrees max. Intel Core i7 4790k Temperatures. Discussion in CPUs started by krustykobb, Feb 27, 2015.And here are the temperatures at load (Running AIDA 64 Stress Test) We see just what the new Core i7 4790K processor is all about as we put it through our CPU testing regiment.The idle sits lower along with the load when compared to the previous generation i7 4770K. Temperature. Hey guys, I have a ROG MAXIMUS VII HERO MoBo with Intel Core i7 4790K CPU.In seconds (maybe second) the temperature topped at 70- degrees. Some of the cores were at 80 degrees. Overclocking the Core i7-4790K. Can Devils Canyon deliver? by Scott Wasson — 11:14 PM on June 26, 2014. Like lots of things in personal computing, overclocking has progressed mightily since its early days.

However, what ARE safe temperatures for the I7 4790K? I read that Intel says 72c, on the forums some say 65c, others say 80c Less than 70C core temperature under load is a safe area many OCers like to be in - very low likelihood of causing any damage to the chip. I spent a decent amount of time yesterday performing some stress/load tests on my system to see whether 1) everything was properly installed (i.e. in particular the CPUIntel i7 4790k LGA 1150 CPU Noctua NH-D14 CPU cooler Asus Sabertooth Z97 Mark 1 Motherboard. Stability Testing Software Im having some interesting temperatures on a Core i7 4790k Im working with.Putting i7-4790K under full load causes triggers a hard reset (computer shuts down with no error message). 2. CPU is hot and CPU fan making very many RPMs and much noise. I stress test it for 2 hours with success. On stress test 100 load the temps are 71 - 83 celcius.i7 4790K CPU temperature 80C safe? - CPUs, Motherboards, and Hi guys, Just installed a new i7 4790K 4.0ghz CPU and a bit worried over temperatures. i7 4790K High Temperatures. Hi all, First let me tell you guys I am kinda the newbie when it comes to building and cooling.1.295v in my bios and 1.328v under full load in cpu-z ? or will my i7 4790k degrade quickly ? and is the i7 4790k able to take more voltage then a i7 4770k with out degrading ? Ive bought the i7 4790k (stock voltage, no o/c) processor recently. All seems fine, but the thing that worries me are the fluctuations in temperature. In idle state the temperature changes every second with 1/2 degrees celsius around 30 degrees celsius. Under full load its steadily around 60 degrees So, to recap the temperatures we are seeing pretty significant temperature differences on the Intel Core i7-4790K versus the Intel Core i7-4770K. For example at idle we found Devils Canyon ( 4790K) to be 10C cooler, which is pretty damn amazing. At load the 4790K was hotter Prime95 i7 4790k Stock Cooling 100 Load Temperature.Intel Core i7 4790 Haswell CPU Temperature Stress and Torture Test Freeware links below. Becareful with the Download links, lots of ads which try to mislead you into clicking the wrong thing Even though the i7 4790K has a higher default core voltage and speed than its predecessor, the temperatures were still a bit lower when both CPUs were at stock speeds/voltages. This held true at both idle and when the CPU was under 100 load. The list of motherboards, compatible with the Intel Core i7-4790K microprocessor, is based on CPU upgrade information from our database. Although for each board we provide PCB and BIOS revisions that support the processor My 4790K i7 has 4.4 Ghz temperature test INTEL UTIITY EXTREME 100 has 75 I ask if you have the e same is dangerous this temperature.Rule of thumb for stress testing varies but is somewhere around 80 for i 7s, if the cpu stays below that even during a max load stress test your setup is fine. CPU Intel Core i7-4790K Haswell Refresh Quad-Core 4.0GHz. Motherboard MSI Z97-Gaming 7 Intel Z97 Motherboard.but Im afrais my processir might be running too hot. these are the temps Im getting. Idle. Prime95 100 load. The i7-4790K overclocked at 4.6GHz consumes 1.344v voltage and the average load core temperatures hit 86C. To be honest it disappointed us a bit because our average retail i7-4770K was able to achieve the same 4.6GHz overclock with slightly lower voltage at Intel Core i7-4790K CPU 4.00GHz. Threading.88 Watts / 1.311 Volts. Temperature. Techquickie - Safe PC Temperatures as Fast As Possible. ReetinEntertainment - How to Fix Intel 4790K Heating Issue.Antal Alpar - i7 4790k Noctua NH-D15 temperature 100 CPU Load. Simon Forsstrm - i7-4790K Temps after delid. Ive now been rocking an i7 4790K for the past couple of years and always had temperature issues with it. Ive got a Dark Rock Pro 3 mounted on it (already tried to unmount/remount it 4-5 times applying new thermal paste without results) and i get about 50-85C on the cores under load (screenshot linked). A good target temperature to keep in mind is around 77-80 degrees Celsius under load, however, this is a just a rough safe zone.Not all CPUs of the same model (eg. 4790k) will be the same. CPU WAR: i5 4460 vs i7 4790K vs i7 920 - Gaming Performance. CPU battles in splitscreen comparison between oldest and lowest clocked of all desktop i7 models and newest 4th gen i5 i7Prime95 i7 4790k Stock Cooling 100 Load Temperature. CPUs, Motherboards, and Memory. i7-4790K under Kraken x61 with high load temperatures.Under unrealistic high Loads, you get unrealistic Temps, but the Temps are actually fine. Hrmm any ideas how Linus got his 4790K up to 4.8GHz with temps at 65 deg? i7 4790k Maximum Temperature. by Jetrise / January 24, 2017 4:04 AM PST. Hello All, I have recently been doing projects in my study that require me to render for long periods of time as models and videos are usually quite large. However, I noticed in my task manager that my CPU was hitting 100 load. 4790k Temperature Under Load (4.8ghz, 1.33V). Safe PC Temperatures as Fast As Possible. Prime95 CPU Stress Program Full Tutorial. Intel i7 4790K Stock vs Overclocked Gaming Performance. The intel core i7-4790k - devils canyon review and, Temperatures during load of core i7-4790k at 4.7 ghz. interesting stuff. even though i wasnt able to get higher than 4.7 ghz, the limit does not appear to be temperature on my core i7-4790k, just crappy luck. under load with a voltage. Processor : i7- 4790 KMotherboard : ASUS Maximus VI Formula1.310 V set in BIOS 1.328 V appearing in HW Monitor and max. package temperature 83 deg.