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YouTube and other video sharing sites provide endless hours of wholesome, time-wasting entertainment. But what if you want to watch movies without the browser? Theres no direct or easy way to download YouTube videos from the site I want to download YouTube videos to directly save in my google drive rather than downloading it to local hard drive. Please let me know if there are any website or java code to download. But still, only a few people actually store their original videos in local hard drives or DVDs.If you want to download as videos itself, you can use other free tools like Free Youtube Download to download all videos with a single click. Weve put together a list of seven easy ways to download YouTube videos so you can download now and thank us later.Just click the Download button to save the video to your hard drive. Simple as pie! Dear users! With the current version of Free YouTube Download and Free YouTube to MP3 Converter you cant save video files to the root of a hard drive. You have to create at least one folder on the disk. Saving YouTube Videos From Temp File To Your Hard Drive.Note: 1.The browser I have used here is Google Chrome, you can also refer to our guide on how to download YouTube videos in Google Chrome using greasemonkey scripts.Also make sure that you dont use Internet explorer 6 for With this YouKu downloader, not only can you download videos from YouKu, but also other video sites like YouTube, Veoh, Vine, Ustream, Vimeo, Yahoo Video, Metacafe, etc.Downloading videos to your hard drive is the best way to backup online video in case they are deleted. It has been a trend to download YouTube 1080p videos to hard drive or mobile devices.There are a number of software and online tools that you can use to download YouTube 1080p videos and movies, and they all have their shares of pros and cons. This guide shows how to save videos from sites such as YouTube, MySpace and Google Video to your Hard Disk Drive for offline viewing, editing or converting.If you would like to download High-definition YouTube videos, when available, you can do this by using the Firefox web browser.

How can I download YouTube videos and save them on my computer? With ClipGrab, it is very easy to save any video from YouTube and other video sites like Vimeo on your computer. This tutorial shows you how to download YouTube videos on your PC or Mac. You can copy videos from YouTube to your hard drive using third-party Windows programs or a Mozilla Firefox extension. Although most users share copyright-free content on YouTube, you can also find copyrighted videos. Downloading copyrighted videos may constitute fair use if you use Yes, they are saved and stored on your computers hard drive. You can access them by clicking on the toolbar Browse button.Unfortunately chrome Web Store does not allow extensions to download videos from Youtube website, but its enabled for other browsers. You have run into some fantastic videos when you are surfing on the YouTube web and want to replay them offline whenever you want. First of all, you need to download these YouTube videos and save them on your computer or hard disc. Note: If you update to the full version, you can download videos from many other video websites like Dailymotion, Hulu besides YouTube.

Hard Drive. YouTube videos are designed to stream, not to sit on your hard disk, phone or solid state drive. But sometimes there are very good reasons why you might want to save videos for watching offline. You might live in the sticks, where reliable broadband is as rare as reliable buses. And Airy can actually extract soundtracks from YouTube videos and save them in MP3 format to your hard drive. And within just one link, you can save the whole YouTube playlist or channel to your computer. Airy can also download private YouTube videos on Sierra. These sites take the Flash video from the YouTube site and save it to your PCs hard drive. Once its on your hard drive, you can view it at any time.Click the Download button, and the site will download the selected video to your disk, saving it in the .FLV format. Websites like YouTube, Dailymotion and others, provide a non exhaustive source for video. Watching these videos directly from these sites may not be fluid if your connection is slow, the solution is to download these videos on a USB key or hard drive. Download YTD Video Downloader Lets the user download videos from YouTube to a hard drive.Theres also a built-in video play so that you can watch videos that have finished and a folder tool lets you move downloaded videos around your hard drive. As the name would suggest, Free YouTube Download lets you download YouTube videos and convert and save them to your hard drive so you can watch them whenever you want. Movavi Screen Recorder lets you do just that! With this handy application for ripping videos, copying YouTube content to your hard drive is as easy asThis guide applies to both the Windows and Mac versions of the program. To learn how to save YouTube videos to your computer, simply download Back Hard Drives, Storage, Networking Backup. Amazon Cloud Drive Review.Even an extension ostensibly for this purpose—the obviously named Video Downloader professional—states right up front in its description, "The download of YouTube videos to hard drive is locked because of restrictions I deleted my videos that downloaded from YouTube by YouTube Downloader. And I have emptied the recycle bin. As these videos are deleted from, so IIs it possible to recover the deleted YouTube videos from my hard drive and how to do that? Can you give me some suggestion? You can save YouTube videos and MP3s of the videos to your hard drive to watch or listenDownload videos to MP4, FLV, and 3GP formats in different resolutionsSave the audio from favorite music videos as MP3s Now you can download all your favorite YouTube videos directly to your hard drive and play them anytime you want with the system media player.Free download YouTube videos FLV, MP4 and Webm, download YouTube 3D videos, save the downloaded videos to your computer hard disk source: I cant copy my downloaded movies to my hard drive, im not very good on a computer either. i have a mac can you help?17 - How can i copy youtube videos to my mobilex2-02? 59 - How to copy pitures and videos from laptop to pen drive? I use youtube-dl for downloading videos from YouTube. Its a free console program (public domain licence), written in Python. Ive used it on Windows and Linux and it worked well. What is youtube-dl? Youtube-dl is an open source command line tool which can be used to download YouTube videos into your local hard drive. you can check available versions of particular video prior to download and you can select which version is suitable for you. Customize the YouTube video output settings to benefit your output video quality.

Multiple Devices Supported Download HD YouTube videos to your iPhone, iPad, Galaxy, HTC One, Moto X, Nexus, Kindle, Surface and other devices.Free Hard Disk. For starters, you can download YouTube videos only by using the YouTube app for Android and iOS. No PC or Mac downloads are allowed.TubeNinja offers a tool that lets you plug in a video URL from a variety of streaming services, including YouTube, and save those videos to your hard drive. is the most popular video hosting and the third most popular website in the world and all because of its convenience. But its functionality is limited whenever you try to download videos YouTube for free. Various free websites offer their video-saving services to download YouTube movies for you.You will usually get a choice between FLV format and MP4 format. Choose the format, and then you can save the file to your hard drive. Youtube videos are a great resource for teachers and students alike, however, there are times when an internet connection may not be available and a video is needed. This is when an application like the one below can come in handy. STEPS TO DOWNLOADING A YOUTUBE VIDEO. Its something like RSS but for YouTube videos. You select a playlist or channel you want to track, set an update interval and thats it. All recently uploaded videos will be downloaded straight to your hard drive. Go To Youtube. View the pics below to show you how to download the videos. Save the videos to a hard drive or USB stick to take with you.If you can?t find the hammer that you?re looking for Video files used to be exposed. You could just find their URL and download them. Unfortunately that is no longer the case, but that doesnt mean saving a YouTube video to your hard drive is impossible. With new YouTube videos added everyday, it doesnt take long to find that one viral video to share with all of your friends.TubeTV, which is developed by Chimoosoft, allows you to download any video you want on YouTube, directly to your computers hard drive. 2. YouTube and More Easy Video Downloader. You can download and save videos playing on YouTube to your hard disk.Whenever youre on a video page in YouTube youll see the download button to directly download the video to your hard-drive just beneath the video copy.or for mac the best is Tube tv. Still dont like it use this link and will give you more option of software or download via browser only if you dont want to install software youtube-movie/ If you got wat you want please click on yes on right hand Im probably being dense but is there any way to download a Youtube video to store it on your harddrive? Its a bit irritating when a favourite video is removed and no longer accessible. Video Downloader Ultimate. Save your favorite videos from the internet to your hard drive.Find videos also on HTTPS sites. Download videos from YouTube and numberless other sites. Play local video files on Chromecast (Chrome browser required). This is how you download a youtube video to save it to your hard drive. please subscribe. How can you download YouTube videos for Mac? i have heard of a product thats on mac but im not to shor that it really excists, its called MXTube.Act as an YouTube Converter Mac, it converts the downloaded videos or FLV videos on your hard drive to use with iPhone, iPod, iPad, PSP and A free downloadable program, YouTube Downloader HD keeps things simple: You provide the URL of the video, select the video quality and format, and click the Download button.Higher-quality videos look better but take up more hard-drive space and take longer to download.Leawo Free YouTube Downloader is a tool that you can use to download, in a matter of seconds, any YouTube video to your hard drive in any number of formats.YouTube Snagger is one of those applications that allow you to download videos from Youtube and save them in your Hard Disk. Step 2. Download YouTube Video for Free. Now you can go to YouTube to play the video as normal.Sometimes videos get downloaded on to the hard drive but dont play because the video tool is not compatible. So, how can you download YouTube streaming videos?YouTube videos are recorded and saved as .mp4 files to the hard drive on your PC. You will be able to easily move your .mp4 recordings to any device to watch any time even offline. Is downloading YouTube videos legal? Doesnt YouTube lose out on advertising revenue this way?Are there any safe YouTube to MP3 converters? How does YouTube-MP3 provide an MP3 file of YouTube videos so quickly for download? To ensure you could enjoy fluent videos, it would be better to download streaming video to hard drive ahead of time.Download streaming YouTube video to iOS iPhone 7. Download Movies to iPad mini (4). Convert YouTube Video to MP4 Format on Mac. Free Online Downloader for any YouTube video. Best tool to grab videos. Learn how to download online videos and save them to your computer to view offline.This YouTube downloader can be used to convert download video from YouTube for free.