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English Espaol franais Deutsch Portugus(Portugal) Русский Polski Hrvatski () () Svenska Tagalog Bahasa Melayu Indonesian Italiano. How do you pronounce often? | No reply to be gotten.Hi Torsten My name in Moresa and Im from Iran. My native language is Persian (Farsi) and "cheers" in farsi means "Be Salamati".In my native language, Portuguese, "cheers" means "viva" or "sade". Gostaria de visitar Brasil/ Portugal um dia. Say hi to John for me. Diga oi ao John por mim. Bless you (when sneezing).O que significa boa em ingls? How Do You Say "Please" In Portuguese? Como se diz please em portugus? What Is This? Hi, I am Portuguese and speak European Portuguese. All the answers already written are correct, but Id say that the most common way to tell your name in European Portuguese is How do you say "grandma" in Portuguese? At the same time, the countrys economy did well, created jobs, bought social peace with government handouts, and kept the public-sector unions quiet. Today, Brazil cant create jobs, and the middle class is furious. Nobody is happy, and the leftist president is the target of all the criticism. How do you say how do you sayin English? Common phrase used to ask how to express an idea or translate a word, often in a foreign language. about 1 month. Native language. Portuguese (Portugal).

English (US). Closed question."Hi" in portuguese is "ol". not for yeah yeah yeah lid that use your body language to smile the second thing I can look not to say a proper high in Brazilian Portuguese its white intonation say hi how are you doing the people are going to ask you live in the woods where your intonation we need to be a little. Hi CAO-. I cant think of any shorter ways to give these directions. Just what you said: To your left side.How Do You Say It In English? Before You Do The Celta!!!? Tom Chatfield looks at the unusual and poetic ways that the world now describes this iconic keyboard character and how its roots go back to the 1500s.If youre Greek, you say papaki, meaning little duck. If you want to know how to say high in Portuguese, you will find the translation here. We hope this will help you to understand Portuguese better. Here is the translation and the Portuguese word for high If yes, then go through this article and know how to say hi in different languages.Persian - Salaam-o-aleykum or do-rood. Pig Latin - Eyhay. Polish - Witaj (hello) Cze ( hi). Portuguese - Oi, boas, ol or al. Punjabi - Sat sri akal.

I really would like to know how do you say it in different countries. Panos Sunday 27th of November 2005 05:33:31 AM hi, in Greek it is - meli - the substance (looks like the portuguese ), but not used to call someone like that. In America we say, Hello, Hi, Hows it going, Peace.And MUCh more! You might want to stick to Hello or Hi. Unless its your friend. Thyen you say Peace and stuff like that. Good evening. Hi. How are you?Do you speak Portuguese? Just a little bit. Im learning. Yes, it is this word. is the way it is spelled with vowels, and is the way it is spelled without vowels, which is the way Hebrew is normally written. Both ways of spelling are pronounced ka-TAN with both As pronounced like the O in "pocket" and the stress on the second syllable. I hope this helps! How do you say "How are you?" in Portuguese and how do you reply? This free lesson gives you some useful words and phrases to pack in your Portuguese language survival kit. Youll learn the formal and informal Portuguese for asking people how they are Do you want to learn how to speak Portuguese? Here are two of the first words you should know. Ol! Adeus! Greetings in Portuguese. Good night! Boa noite! Hi! / Bye! Oi/Ol!How do you say in Portuguese? Como se diz em portugus? What is that? Hi Lily, awesome idea to give tips on how to love in portuguese- anyone that brings love in his bagage when visiting Lisbon is surely loved in return!Banner - Really Good Stuff Introducing the How Do You Say Hello? The Portuguese equivalent of the English greeting hi tends to be Ola, which is pronounced Oh-LAH, in Portugal.How do you say Portuguese in Portuguese? Portugus In English, Id say closer to the second example, but more: porchooGEEZ. You can learn how to say do you speak english? and over 220 other travel-friendly words and phrases with our inexpensive, easy-to-use Portuguese language cheat sheets. We can help you make your next trip to another country even more fun and immersive. Aap kahan the(m)? How long will it take to reach ? Pahunchne me kitna samay lagega? I want to go toIm back in Delhi main wapas dilli me aa gayi(f) hoon. When did you arrive tum kab aaye aap kab aaye. Hi everyone!Chinese French German Greek Indonesian Italian Japanese Polish Portuguese Romanian Spanish.Otherwise, to say it in the context used in a K-drama, I would say, "You can do it!" or "Go for it!" or "Believe!" or "Lets do it!" or even just "Go!" depending on who I was saying it to Me? Oh, OK. Hi Jake. Do you usually work outside? (Hesitantly) Yes.People said that my English wasnt good enough. In my view, British people dont understand howMy mum speaks Portuguese fluently, of course, and I can speak a bit, too, though its not an easy language to pronounce. 18.01.2017 Learn to say "Hi!" The perfect place to start greeting Portuguese is with greetings — learn these and youll be able to say hello and goodbyeHow do you say hello beautiful in Portuguese? Ol is hello its common also to say Bom Dia (good day) and Oi (hi) which is used in Brazil. Obrigado, all my Portuguese-speaking friends out there. Big besos out to you guys in Brazil. Hi.Youre learning a language, dont worry. But Im here to teach you how to correct some mistakes that you might make.We dont have to say: "coffeeee"-hi, Vinnie-but you have to say: "coffee". How do you say WHAT ARE U DOING in Portuguese? asked in Portuguese by questiun | 8 views. Hi or Hey: Oi (oy) — informal. Goodbye: Adeus (ah-deuzh). Bye: Tchau (cha-oh) — informal. Note that some of these words are marked with the label "informal."Portuguese is no different than most other languages — after you say hello to someone, its common to ask how theyre doing. I would like to know how to say "how do you say ?" in portuguese so that I may ask someone in portuguese what something is called.moura Senior Member. Lisbon. Portuguese Portugal. Hi Shard and wellcome! Whats the Portuguese translation of hi, how are you? See comprehensive translation options on!This page provides all possible translations of the word hi, how are you in the Portuguese language. Oi como estsPortuguese. Mandarin Chinese. Polish. Portuguese.You can of course say Shitsureeitashimasu to someone in person, but only when you want to be very polite.Hi my friend told me matta ne works too. This means hi. Its the slightly less formal way to say hello. 3. Tudo bom? /How to Say "Whats Up" in PortugueseApr 10, 2011. Pet Names in PortugueseFeb 15, 2012. Going to school in Portuguese Part IFeb 28, 2018. "How do you say" by Richard Graham.During the break between the "How do you say" and "in English?" you hold up a picture card. You can optionally say the word in Japanese, or Chinese or whatever the kids native language is. How do you say these phrases (or similar) in Portuguese: Can you speak a bit slower, please? (Formal).A bit strange to have it in the infinitive form like that. I would say "Fale mais devagar, por favor." Where to say it: Portugal and Brazil.

Also spoken in former Portuguese colonies of AngolaHow do you say hello in Algerian??? please answer ASAP! i cant find any information anywhereHi Tiffany, Im not an expert or anything like that but I recently read a travel book about Algeria. Shirley Onde voc aprende portugus? Marcos Aprendo numa escola em Sydney. Shirley Que bom! Marcos Como se diz beer em portugus?learn-how-to-ask-how-do-you-say-this-word-in-portuguese? Man: Hi, how are you? Woman: Hi, I am well! Man: Do you come here often?Man: Hi, could you help me? Woman: Yes, of course! Man: I dont speak Portuguese very well. Woman: Thats fine. Man: How do you say I want to kiss you in Portuguese? [Oee kee-ree-dah!] - Hi darling towards a woman. You see, the way you say How are you in Portuguese may vary, but what I recommend you to do is learn one or two ways, and stick with them. How do you say higher smoke box in Portuguese? Heres a list of phrases you may be looking for.How to say higher term in Portuguese What is the Portuguese word for highest? How do you say hello in Portuguese? What are Portuguese people like?What are some common Portuguese surnames? Where can I go to trade in Portuguese money for American money? English (US) Espaol Portugus (Brasil) Franais (France) Deutsch. There are many ways to say Hello in Brazilian Portuguese, but if you want to know the coolest expressions look no further! Check out this infographic and learn how to say Hi in Portuguese. Hi. Ol.On this page: How do you say in Portuguese? Greetings: hello, good evening, good bye. Question words: where, when, why, who, what, how? you say: quotOi, meu nome Josh, e estou procura de amigos brasileiros. me adicione!How do you say in Brazilian Portuguese? Answers: 6. How to say hello in European Portuguese. Hey folks!Hi Sam! Thank you for your comment. In fact, there is no such thing as regular portuguese. There is the language Portuguese with many different variants European Portuguese is one of them. If you find yourself in Portugal it is always polite to say Hi every morning because Portuguese speakers are really sociable.This is another way of saying "Goodbye" in Portuguese. Heres how a person from Lisbon would pronounce it Im so-so. (English) Oi, como voc est? Mais ou menos. (Portuguese).English Sentence: Hi, how are you? Im so-so. Portuguese Translation [Summary]How to say hello in Portuguese Portuguese Translations Portuguese Words and Phrases Some Basic Phrases To learn more about Words and Phrases visit Learn the Portuguese Language.Good evening. Hi. How are you?