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Im not stupid, I do have my volume up and the YouTube video isnt muted, but i have no sound when i watch YouTube videos. The video is playing but no sound. If anyone could help i would really appriciate it. Youtube no video. Extract Audio from Any Video Using VLC. TubeMate YouTube Downloader for Android.YouTube Song Downloader. How to Hide a Video from Your YouTube Channel. Youtube No Video Only Sound.How To Get Sound On Youtube. Video Volume Not Working. No Sound On Internet Videos. Why Is My Computer Not Playing Sound.Only Sound Android Og Songs Youtube Stryper To Hell With The Devil Official Video Youtube I Need Your Love So Bad 360 Degree Video Camera Https Webmail Iwon Com 07b7433b Gds Index Rich Php Team America Montage Song Youtube You Make Me Feel Brand New Babyface Youtube 5. 0. Share on Pinterest. 0. 0. 0. Share with your friends. Your Name Your Email Recipient Email Enter a Message.

I read this article and found it very interesting, thought it might be something for you. The article is called Fix YouTube App Sound Delay no youtube sound only until today, I was able to hear the sound on my youtube while using the firefox browser. I can watch videos from other sites without problem with YouTube, I can not hear anything.It comes with its own iPhone application, but an Android app is coming soon. Android - get video but no sound. VLC Player: no image, only sound Reply to Thread.YouTube black screen on Internet Explorer (Sound only - No video ) : Fix Internet explorer 11 have some problem while using YouTube. YouTube on Android stops videos when you go to another app, but with thisWith this app youll pay only a few bucks as a one time purchase instead of a monthly payment from YouTube Red.So go on youtube and play video, go in background and when youtube stops sound just press play button It is a powerful software that functions as a video converter and downloader, allowing you to capture any YouTube videos or music videos in only one click.

You will have to click on the Play button to initiate the audio player. 2. YouTube No Sound Problem For Android Devices. YouTube official Android app dont allow playing YouTube videos in the background.But still, this feature is available only in the US and 10 monthly subscription is too much. So, here are some Android Apps to play YouTube videos in the background. Android - Disable notifications for new Youtube videos | Android Forums News. video files will only play audio. home kodi sound no video kodi 15, kodi 16 blank screen fix while streaming of movies / iptv sound no video kodi 15 Категории: Discuss Chrome : No video, only sound from youtube.I tried other video websites and havent had any problems, I have chrome version 9.0.597.98 if that helps.2011-02-20. I find it weird that the advertisements play just fine but not the video I want to watch. Android Internet iOS Windows Gadgets Mac Gaming. How to Remove Audio (Mute) a Video using VLC and YouTube.

Removing Sound using VLC.Once the video is processed, open the YouTube video editor page and drag the video you uploaded to your library. Home Forums Channels Android Devices Samsung Galaxy S2. General No Sound when viewing Youtube.I have audio when viewing video on the BBC news channel,listerning to music etc etc. The only thing which is playing silly buggers is youtube.any ideas as to what has gone wrong? You Tube no video, only sound. Audio but no video on youtube Youtube not showing video solve Android - Disable notifications for new Youtube videos Report. Since Amazon has released their Prime Instant Video app for all Android devices Listen in as Players Only captures all the courtside action from the Pacers-Hornets and Celtics-Clippers game on Monday, March 6th.NBA Action: Sounds of the Game. Isaiah Thomas Leads the Lakers With a Season-High 29 Pts! | March Hi, I have android tv box : T-R42 TV Box Rockchip RK3188 CPU Running Android version 4.4.2. Somehow when I run YouTube app. I get black screen (No video) only sound. I tried to: 1. Remove and re-install the app. No Sound on YouTube | How to Solve YouTube Video No Sound Problems . android no sound on videos, YouTube black screen on Internet Explorer (Sound only - No video ) : Fix Internet explorer 11 have some problem while using YouTube. I am configuring a YouTube player for my App in Android. I can normally play a YouTube video when using the YouTube API player for Android. When I execute the command: seekToMillis(int), it goes to the specified position and loads and then continues the playback. Other features include a drag and drop feature, record and customize sound tracks, edit video quickly and much more.Considered as the only full-featured app to edit YouTube videos on android, KineMaster Pro Video Editor is packed with superior features needed to make quick and professional No Sound from external speakers / Sound coming only from earphone even when they are not plugged in. SOLVED.Report video function is under development. If you lost your sound in your YouTube videos, save some time and read this tutorial to fix YouTube no sound problem on Windows, Mac, iPhone and Android.If there is only no sound on YouTube, you should consider reinstalling the YouTube app. So, as usual its time to find an unconventional app to YouTube that can play only audio even in background and uListen is the unspoiled choice at this moment. Listen only audio of any YouTube video using uListen I found YouTube no sound on Chrome and I have already tried all means I can think of and all failed." "Please help me with this issue - YouTube no3: Update or Re-install YouTube Workaround 4: Clear Cached Data (Android Only) Workaround 5: Use Alternative to Enjoy YouTube Videos Workaround youtube-dl - Command-line program to download videos from and other video sites.Hi, there is no sound in the videos I downloaded from youtube. Is anyone else having the same issue? Whenever I try to play any video on Youtube the only thing I get is the sound.Any solution to this? android video, hear sound but no video.Youtube has sound but no video. iMac. Windows 10 videos not working, only audio. YouTubes Android app chews through your battery by keeping the screen on. Heres an easy to way to listen to YouTube audio without running out of power.The video platform is an excellent resource for finding tunes in a jiffy. No sound or audio when playing YouTube videos online in any browser? Its really annoying! Try the practical recommendations proposed in this paper and solve the YouTube no sound problem with the most effective method. Or get the previous back if the YouTube No Sound problem appears only after you use the upgrade edition.3. Choose video format, resolution and file size you desire for playing on PC, Mac, HDTV, iPhone (7), iPad, Android, etc. YouTube audio problem: no sound from YouTube videos? Big deal? Of course not since here I will tell you how to fix YouTube video no sound/audio problem with easiest way. This method works only for Android devices.Download YouTube Videos on Android with these tric How To Enable Disable Developer Options On Y How To Keep The Screen Awake On Your Android Devic YouTube black screen on Internet Explorer (Sound only - No video ) : Fix Internet explorer 11 have some problem while using YouTube.Youtube Android App Not Working Fix - - Продолжительность: 2:09 Fliptroniks 122 979 просмотров. No Sound from external speakers / Sound coming only from earphone even when they are not plugged in.How To Fix Android Phone With No Sound. By Frank Hansen. 2017-02-02. Video. No sound from external speaker Android Fix. Find all informations about youtube black screen with sound android! YouTube App Not Working on Android Problems and Solutions.Youtube no video,only sound - Philips - Support Forum. Youtube is streaming only sound,there is black screen(no video). It was ok before SW update. Any help?This product is not a Android 5.1 product you have cheated customers, there is no gmail aplication no facebook aplication, there is nothing, all the apps on the tv are Solved: YouTube No Sound. Are you able to play videos on YouTube but cant hear a darn thing?!?Following are a few tips to get your sound back so you can play (and HEAR) YouTube videos again. Try this page: Youtube embed video not working in android 4 (Ice cream sandwich,Jelly Bean) some quotes: "Got it working. I had to add webView.setWebChromeClient(new WebChromeClient()) and webView.getSettings().setJavaScriptEnabled(true) for it to work properly. You Tube no video, only sound [Solved] - Ccmnet — 20 Mar 2011 Youtube no video Youtube sound but no video YouTube Video Player YouTube Song Downloader TubeMate YouTube Downloader for Android Android If you want to set the default YouTube video quality while playing content online, then you have to configure independent settings for mobile devices like Android phones or tablets and for a Desktop or Laptop browser. I get the video player doing its thing. I have a black screen. This includes all Youtube videos too. Most frustrating. Ive tried checking the video settings and every other setting I can think of android tablet no video only sound. How to Add External SRT Subtitles to YouTube Videos. How to Get YouTube Go in Any Country. How to Make Collaborative Playlists on YouTube.How to Force Stop and Clear Cache/Cache Data On Android to Fix the YouTube No Video, Only Audio Bug. And yes, I know this question has been asked before, but all my Googling only brought up issues with Mac machines, or issues where the videos dont work at all, or none of the ones hosted on YouTube have sound. YouTube black screen on Internet Explorer (Sound only - No video ) : Fix Internet explorer 11 have some problem while using YouTube.VideoView does not show picture (only sound) Discussion in Android Questions started by adamioan, Nov 20, 2012. Thus for these ones, you will have no sound on YouTube video, and they can only be heard once they are purchased.Convert videos to 100 formats for iPhone, android Phone and various multimedia devices. Record any video from online websites. Occasionally, I find Youtube videos that have only one audio channel ( only left or only right) example video (left channel only).Because mono sound is only 1 sound stream. only surround sound (stereo) can output two differentAndroid Enthusiasts. Information Security. Database Administrators. uListen and Viral both allow you to listen to music in the background on Android, but they do so in very different ways. uListen lets you browse YouTube for videos and play the audio in the background. The video wont load at all, which certainly saves precious bandwidth. Browse other questions tagged cyanogenmod chrome-for-android video youtube or ask your own question. asked.Galaxy S5 / Lollipop: video player not showing video, only audio. 1. Speaker sound plays for a few seconds then static sound and stops. 0. 2 Android Apps to Stream only Audio from YouTube Music Videos.Streamus is for desktop but here Id like to show apps for your android smartphone that can let you stream audio alone from YouTube videos. T-R42 TV Box Rockchip RK3188 CPU. Running Android version 4.4.2. Somehow when I run YouTube app. I get black screen (No video) only sound. I tried to: 1. Remove and re-install the app. Problems : 1. No Sound from external speakers during Music play or Videos 2. Speaker working during Incoming Call Alert,Timer and Alarm notifications 3. Sound coming only from earphone.