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Microsoft has released a list of Windows Phone 8.1 devices that are supported for the upgrade.He is actively associated with various Microsoft online communities, forums, Newsgroups and has been actively involved in Beta testing various Microsoft products and bug submissions. Windows Phone 8.1 is supposed to support CardDAV and CalDAV for contact and calendar sync, respectively, so you dont need EAS.Microsoft Forum Moderator. In reply to Velio Manevs post on April 20, 2015. Community. Forum.You need to have Visual Studio installed as well as the Windows Phone 8 SDK. If you dont have Visual Studio installed, then I recommend you install Visual Studio Express 2012, which you can download from Microsofts Download Center. Windows Phone Windows 8 Development Forums. Our Top Tips Samples. Whats new in Windows Phone 8 SDK for developers. Implementing in-app purchasing in Windows Phone 8. Windows Phone devices Forum. This forum contains 27 topics and 38 replies, and was last updated by uniqable 5 days, 22 hours ago.Microsofts wrong policy killing Windows Phone platform Nokia. Discuss and get help with Windows Phone 8 software and phones including the Nokia Lumia line of smartphones.Log in or Sign up.

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forums. Existing user?"We will not have the same experience as we had when Windows Phone 7 was upgraded to Windows Phone 8," Greg Sullivan, Windows Phone director of public relations at Microsoft, said in an interview Wednesday at the International CES show here. Mixed Reality. Microsoft Edge. Hardware. IT Center.Community Forums.I have some Windows Phone 8.1 projects. Please add support for these projects to VS 2017so that I can remove Visual Studio 2015. Remove From My Forums.Next is a Windows Phone 8 handset. Im confused as to why Microsoft has developed and deployed a standardised Company Portal app for the Windows Store, Apple App Store, and Android/ Google Play Store that satisfactorily mimics the web-based portal--yet forces Forums. Community Activity. Todays Posts.To get Windows Phone 8.1 on your device through the Preview for Developers, youll need to register for the Windows Phone App Studio using your Microsoft account. Use Microsofts online emulator to discover what you can do with Windows Phone 8.1. Windows Phone 8. Have a Nokia Lumia 925, everything ticking along very nicely on the network, but I cant get the store to work, Microsoft help has been useless, am hoping I can get an answer here![Windows Phone 7] Windows Phone 7 Series. By gshaw in forum Netbooks, PDA and Phones. If you own a Windows Phone, chances are that you have used your Microsoft account credentials to configure your device. However, there may be times when you want to change the account you use on the phone. Windows Phone Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for enthusiasts and power users of Windows Phone OS. Join them it only takes a minuteI just want to know how to create new Microsoft account in windows phone 8. With a rising tide of bad news threatening to engulf its most recent major platform releases, Microsoft this week renewed efforts to entice developers to create apps for Windows 8 and Windows Phone. The devices and services firm has created contests for developers who target either platform with apps. A Skype update now available for Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 8.1 integrates Cortana, Microsofts new digital personal assistant. Now you can start Skype video and audio calls by simply asking Cortana something like Skype, get Mom on the screen. Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8.1, Windows Phone 8. Architecture. ARM. Recommended.Installation Get this app while signed in to your Microsoft account and install on up to ten Windows 10 devices. Petitioning to ask Microsoft make Windows Phone 8.1 open source257. Further Andromeda Speculation.167.By in forum Windows Central News Discussion. News Forums > Surface Forums News Site News > Surface Forum Site News >.During its Build 2014 keynote, Microsoft just debuted their Cortana Digital Assistant software app along with Windows Phone 8.1. I have developed a Windows Phone 8.0 App. How do I deploy or publish it to the Windows Phone Store?Just take a look here at the Dev Center of Microsoft for the Windows Phone. There you will need to create an acoount to publish your Apps. Windows Phone 8 is the second generation of the Windows Phone mobile operating system from Microsoft. It was released on October 29, 2012, and like its predecessor, it features the interface known as Metro (or Modern UI). Microsoft. Windows Phone.Cautions :- Do this at your own risk, i may not be responsible for any damage to your devices, however you can always install a Fresh Copy of Windows Phone 8 by following this tutorial on XDA Developers Forum. Всем привет. Сегодня попробовал на Nokia (Microsoft) Lumia 630/ winphone 8.1, у него 1 Gb памяти.Устройство lumia 735, windows phone 8.1. Forum question. Whatsapp down on windows phone 8.1.Microsoft Brings Nokia Brick Phone Back. Tags: Smartphones. Windows. Microsoft. This page provides details for the version history of the Microsofts Windows Phone branded mobile operating systems, from the release of Windows Phone 7 in October 2010, which was preceded by Windows Mobile version 6.x. A Windows Phone developer must complete the below prerequisites to successfully register phone for debugging and testing Windows Phone 8 apps: A current developer account at Windows Phone Dev Center, A Microsoft ID (Live ID or Hotmail account, etc Windows Phone 8 Forum At Microsoft Community. Tips For Making Long Life Of Your Windows Phone 8. Keep Data Connection off if youre going on a travel and there if is no charging option available. Microsoft to release Windows Phone 8 this fall.Microsofts Greg Sullivan says the integration is so good that he jokes that Apple should create its own FaceTime app on Windows Phone 8, and it would work better than it does on the iPhone. Magazine. Forums.Although the Windows Phone 8 SDK still uses the WebClient class by default, Microsoft has provided the HttpClient class through NuGet.

A Microsoft PR rep confirmed in an interview that owners of Windows Phone 8 devices will be able to upgrade them to Windows Phone 8.1 when it is released later this year.View all trending news. Forums. Store. In Windows Phone 8, Microsoft sets out to fill in those gaps by improving on Windows Phone 7 without losing the positive aspects of what sets it apart from iOS and Android. The new look for the Start screen is a great example of this. Windows 10. Microsoft Office. Services We Recommend. Start a Blog! Forum. Subscribe.Microsoft Windows Phone 8.1 Update. Getting the update is the same as its always been. Scroll down to section on Will Microsoft Bring Family Safety to Windows Phone 8.]He is pbxnsip Certified, he has contributed thousands of posts to the 3CX community forum and he writes the monthly Windows PBX Report e-newsletter for VARS and administrators. So, most of devices are WP81, so how Microsoft dropping WP81 ? I also trying to find on Microsoft site menus for Windows Phone and I cant find it! Even here at Xamarin, there is no Windows Phone Forum! Circuit Breaker. Forums. Podcasts.Its official, Microsoft is not offering Windows Phone 8 to existing handsets. We exclusively revealed Microsofts plans back in April, and the reaction generated Windows Phone discussions far and wide. The full 2 hour video of Microsoft introducing Windows Phone 8 to the world. From the Marriott Marquis in San Francisco, California. June 20th, 2012. There is no saying how long it will be before the Windows 10 Mobile upgrade hits our devices, but in the mean time ROMs for Windows Phone 8.1 Update 2Now however a Microsoft support official on the Polish Microsoft forums is claiming that the update will indeed be coming to more Lumias, with Windows Phone 8 just throws in the towel and gives up.It gets the HTTP code 301 as response and moves happily on. So why doesnt Windows Phone 8 support HTTPS? I have made Microsoft aware of this issue by posting on to their forum a question: http - это огромный портале по играм к игровым приставкам(Xbox, PlayStation и Nintendo).Новости сайтаWindows PhoneРаздел для обсуждения платформы Windows Phone. WhatsApp for Windows Phone has just been updated, introducing some new features and improvements.You can now order it online in the US or pick it up at your local Microsoft Store starting Friday, October 30 for 199. Windows Phone как редактировать реестр, CustomPFD Registry Editor Windows Phone 8.1, Обновляем неподдерживаемый смартфон, до Windows 10 Windows Phone пропадает место память, Как изменить язык и регион на Windows Phone Sascha Segan Microsoft Windows Phone 8 Windows Phone 8 is a good-looking, well-designed, easy-to-use mobile operating system, but with a very different set of apps compared with other platforms, its still for mavericks. FAQ. Search related threads. Remove From My Forums.I dont seem to be able to access the internet through my Lumia 620 running the Windows Phone 8.1 preview. I cannot get access using my mobile data, neither can I enable WiFi. Forums.When Microsoft has announced that Windows Phone 7 could not be upgraded to Windows Phone 8 when it first got released, WP7 users were not too happy about it. Microsoft Announces Windows Phone 8 Launch Event Microsoft Reveals Windows Phone 8, Forum Added. On the software side, Windows Phone 8 will ship with Internet Explorer 10, Nokia Map technology, and Microsoft Office.Join in on the discussion in our newly created Windows Phone 8 forum! More Info Windows Phone 7 review Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango) review Microsoft introduces Windows Phone 8 Two years ago, the mobile landscape was Microsoft has pulled the plug on Windows Phone 8.1 support, bringing an end to the Windows Phone era. The end of Windows Phone also marks Microsofts move towards Windows 10 Mobile despite the lack of new hardware in the past year.Forum Discussion. Get help for Windows Phone 8. Includes instructional videos, tips and tricks, FAQs, troubleshooting information, and more.Try Microsoft Edge A fast and secure browser thats designed for Windows 10. Windows 8 Forums. Tutorials.If you are registered with App Studio (anyone can) OR a registered Windows Phone developer, then you can receive pre-release OS updates on their dev phone, directly from Microsoft.