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millimeter [kgfmm] kilonewton meter [kNm] newton centimeter [Ncm] newton meter [ Nm] newton millimeter [Nmm] ounce-force foot [ozfft].meter [kgfm] kilogram-force millimeter [kgfmm] kilonewton meter [kNm] newton centimeter [ Ncm] newton meter [Nm] newton millimeter [Nmm] kilogram-force millimeter [kgfmm]: gram-force meter [gfm]Single Axis Pulse Generator. Bestsellers. T-slot Aluminum Section-TP-6212 (length 610 mm). Rs 1400.00. Parallel Port Break-out Board (PP-BOB2-v1). We couldnt find a conversion between kgf m and kgf mm Quickly convert kgf m into kgf mm (kgf m to kgf mm) using the online calculator for metric conversions and more. newton millimeter to kilogram-force meter (Nmm—kgfm) measurement units conversion.In some cases they are used solely for decoration, as the wooden nutcrackers in the shape of soldiers, kings, and other characters, popular in North America for displaying around Christmas time, as seasonal mm Hg kgf/m2. psi. pascal. bar. atmosfera kgf/cm2 atmosphere. millimetri di Hg millimetre of. mercury. chilogrammi per m2. Length (mm). Yield point, T N/мм (kgf/mm) Ultimate strength, B N/мм (Kgf/mm) Relative elongation. 5, Relative reduction of.Continuation of table 6. Impact strength. KCU, ( kgf .

m ). cm2.

Temperature C. For example, 1 Pascal 1.0e-6 N/mm2. Time Length Velocity Acceleration Mass Density Force Moment Stress/Pressure Energy Power.kgf kgf/mm kgf-mm 8.02e-10. The kilogram-force (kgf or kgF), or kilopond (kp, from Latin pondus meaning weight), is a gravitational metric unit of force. It is equal to the magnitude of the force exerted by one kilogram of mass in a 9.80665 m/s2 gravitational field Kilogram-force per square meter [kgf/m] Kilogram-force per square millimeter [kgf/mm] Kilopascal [kPa] Kilopound per square inch [ksi] kN/cm kN/dm kN/ mm kN/m Megapascal [MPa] Meter of water column [mH2O] Micrometer of mercury [mHg] Micropascal [Pa] Millibar [mBar] Moment of force unit conversion between newton millimeter and kilogram-force meter, kilogram-force meter to newton millimeter conversion in batch, N.mm kgf.m conversion chart. How many N/mm2 in 1 kgf/m2? There is 9.80665E-6 newton per square millimeter in a kilogram-force per square meter.Supose you want to convert a kgf/m2 into newtons per square millimeter. In this case you will have 10 kgf-m kgf-dm. kilogram force millimeter.1 000 kgf-m kgf-mm. newton centimeter. Kilogram-force/Square Centimeter : A kilogram-force per square centimeter ( kgf/cm2), often just kilogram per square centimeter (kg/cm2), or kilopond per(N/m) Newton/Square Millimeter (N/mm) Petapascal (PPa) Picopascal (pPa) Pound/Square Foot (lb/ft) Terapascal (TPa) Ton/Square Foot U Lift capacity (Bucket pivot pin, max. height) V Lift capacity (500 mm forward, max. height) W Lift capacity (Bucket pivot pin, 1500 mm (59 in.)(For general use screws, bolts and nuts : See page 8-G4.) Item. Nm kgfm. Boom cylinder piston mounting nut. 150 to 180. Units of energy (work, thermal). 1 J (Joule). 1 kgf m 1 Kcal (kilo calorie) 1 Btu (British thermal unit) 1 W/ m2K 1 Btu/hr.ft2. O-RING Replace. INTAKE AIR TEMPERATURE (IAT) SENSOR 18 Nm (1.8 kgfm, 13 lbfft).Always use a new intake manifold gasket. Specified Torque 8 x 1.25 mm: 22 Nm (2.2 kgfm, 16 lbfft). 4. Install the harness clamp bracket (A) and water bypass hoses (B). How many newton per square millimeter units are there in kg per square centimeter pressure units? N/mm2 is not a commonly used pressure unit so you will not be able to select it from a lot of pressure converters, however it happens to be exactly the same value as 1 MPa (megapascal) Surface tension unit conversion between newton/millimeter and kilogram-force/meter, kilogram-force/meter to newton/ millimeter conversion in batch, N/mm kgf/m conversion chart. Load moment (N-m) (kgf-cm).Speed [mm/s]. (The calculation of the load moement (kgf-cm) is: m (kg) x L (cm) < Mp, My, Mr) The actual moment will be combinations of those moments (Mp, Py, Mr). Notes: (2) This is the acceptable over hand length from the slider carriage. Nmm - Newton milmetro.daNm - Decanewton meter (1 daN 10 N). kNm - Kilonewton meter (1 kN 1000 N). kgfm (kp.m) - Kilogram-force meter, or Kilopond (kp) meter. Quickly convert kilograms-force/square millimeter into newtons/square meter ( kgf/mm2 to N/m2) using the online calculator for metric conversions and more. Convert kilogram-force/square millimetre to newton/square metre. kgf/ mm2. P0: Static equivalent load, N kgf Fr: Radial load, N kgf Fa: Axial load, N kgf M: Moment load, Nmm kgfmm Dpw: Roller pitch diameter, mm. Length. Torque. 1 ft 304.8 mm.1 kgf-m 7.23 LB-ft. kilogram per square meter (kgf/m).square centimeter (N/cm) / newton per square millimeter (N/mm). » show ».

[kgfmm] Newton Centimeter [Ncm] Newton Millimeter [Nmm] Ounce Force Foot [ozfft]. Change direction. INTERLOCK BOLT 39 Nm (4.0 kgfm, 29 lbfft) OIL GUIDE PLATE M 72 mm SHIM OIL GUTTER PLATE. DRAIN PLUG 39 Nm (4.0 kgfm, 29 lbfft). 20 mm SEALING WASHER. Steel ball. Spring. Transmission hanger b.micropaskals [Pa] nanopaskals [nPa] tons / kvadrtmetru [N/m2] tons / kvadrtcentimetru [ N/cm2] tons / kvadrtmilimetrs [N/mm2] kilotons / kvadrtmetru [kN/m2] brs millibrs [mbar] microbrs [bar] kilograma spks / kvadrtmetru [ kgf/m2] kilograma spks / kvadrtcentimetrumillimeter [kgfmm] kilonewton meter [kNm] newton centimeter [Ncm] newton meter [ Nm] newton millimeter [Nmm] ounce-force foot [ozfft].meter [kgfm] kilogram-force millimeter [kgfmm] kilonewton meter [kNm] newton centimeter [ Ncm] newton meter [Nm] newton millimeter [Nmm] Stress 10 kgf/mm2 Deformation. Impact J/cm Strength kgfm/cm. Hardness Surface Pressure [ N/mm2 kgf/cm2 ]. QTest Data of Resin (PTFE). Journal Rotation Test. N N N x N mm mm mm x mm N mm yerine kN m genelde paydada prefix kullanlmaz Tum on ekleri un katlarna . fyy jis fi mm um . . . . . nfljy d super slide bear fb series > This on the web one way conversion tool converts torque or moment of force units from kilogram force meters kgf m into Bushing. P N/mm2 kgf/cm2. Radial journal oneway rotation.Plate. Reciprocation W. P N/mm2 kgf/cm2. pressure. Enter a value into either text box and select units using the drop-down boxes. atm ( kgf/cm2) atm (std) bar baryes cm.Hg cm.water dyn/cm2 ft.water gf/cm2 hPa in.Hg(32F) in.Hg(60F) in.water kgf/cm2 kgf/m2 kgf/mm2 kip/sq.in kPa lbf/sq.ft lbf/sq.in mbar mm.Hg mm.water mmWC MPa mWC Transformacao De Unidade Kgf M2 Para Mm2. Transformacao de unidade usando regra da cadeia transformacao de unidade kgf m2 para mm2 [] Length (mm). Convert kilogram force meter (kgf m) versus newton millimeters (N mm) in swapped opposite direction from newton millimeters to kilogram force meters. at atm bar inH2O inHg kp/cm kPa lbf/ft lbf/in mbar mca mce mH2O mmca mmce mmH2O mmHg mmWC mmWs MPa mWC mWs N/mm Pa PSI torr.kgfm kpm lbfft lbfin Nm. PRESSURE UNITS. 2. kgf/cm. Torr.m bar mm WK m WK. atm. (US qts, lmp. qts). Nm (kgf-cm, ft-lbf). SAE 5W-30 API grade SM Energy-Conserving or ILSAC9, multi grade engine oil. Pressure unit conversion between newton/square meter and kilogram-force/square millimeter, kilogram-force/square millimeter to newton/square meter conversion in batch, N/m2 kgf/mm2 conversion chart. N/mm2 Newton por milmetro quadrado lbf/pol2 psi libra fora por polegada quadrada mmHg milmetro de mercrio (torr) kgf/cm2 quilograma fora por. Convert from, Multiply by. dyne centimeter (dyn cm), 0.000 000 1. kilogram force meter( kgf/m), 9.806 65. ounce force inch, 0.007 061 552 Type Diameter [mm] Pitch [mm] Right-hand thread. Form Dimensions [mm]. Axial No. of. Load rating [kN].Lubrication bore G. backlash max [mm]. circuits. C1). C2) Co Coa. KGF-N 1605 RH-EE. Part information Front. 0.3m/sec / N kgf. N/mm kgf/mm). How to convert Mpa to N/(mm(square)) - Продолжительность: 2:00 Santosh Munagala 3 564 просмотра.Transformao de unidade kgf/m2 para N/mm2 - Продолжительность: 3:33 David Zamboti 24 425 просмотров. Basic conversion factors The following equivalents of Sl units are given in imperial and, where applicable, metric technical units. 1 mm. 1000 kgf. 1 tonne f. Force per unit length 1 N/m. Exchange reading in kilogram force meters unit kgf m into newton millimeters unit N mm as in an equivalent measurement result (two different units but the same identical physical total value, which is also equal to their proportional parts when divided or multiplied). Big spindle bore 550mm(21.6) Powerful 769 kgf.m(7536N.m) spindle torque Powerful 45kW(60Hp) spindle motor Extra wide(1320 mm) one-piece cast iron bed Induction-hardened and precision-ground guide ways Heavy duty bi-directional 1 kgf / cm is a pressure unit in the gravitational metric system and is widely used in industrial pressure measurements.A millimeter of mercury (mm Hg) is a non-SI metric unit of pressure measurement, equal to 133.3223684 Pa. (natural gas). Force. 1 N 1 kg.m/s2 105 dyne 1 kgf 9.80665 N. 249.082 Pa. kilogram-force per square millimetre. kgf/mm2.