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High vitamin B12 levels are associated with many blood diseases, including various types of leukemia and related blood disorders.Other cancers that might cause an elevated B12 level include lung, breast, colon, stomach, pancreas, kidney and possibly prostate cancer. An increased vitamin B12 level makes sense for cancers associated with high intake of alcohol, such as liver cancer, the researchers noted. Cancer of the liver would inhibit the livers functioning, and because the liver processes vitamin B12 Measuring plasma vitamin B12 levels is used to diagnose vitamin B12 deficiency. Elevated plasma vitamin B12 has been associated with an increased cancer risk. This large cohort study shows that cancer patients with high B12 have increased mortality. The underlying pathogenesis leading to high Cbl levels in cancer patients is not fully understood. Previous studies have shown elevated non- cancer mortality [11,1516171819 , pointing to a pathogenesis related not only to the cancer itself. Low levels of B-12 can suggest anemia, an internal parasite, and hyperthyroidism. High levels of B-12 may increase your risk for cancer, according to Medical Daily. High levels of B-12 can also be a sign of Cancer: Leukemia - Low ferritin, high folate, high b12, low wbc But I have had high b12 and folate levels for about a year. WBC Count was 3.4 (normal starting is 4) Low platelet count (129) High B12 (not that high, 1079) All. Vitamin B12 Folate: The Test - Lab Tests Online: Welcome of B12 metabolism manifest [7]. B12 blood levels >300 pmol/L (i.e high-normal) may efficiently reduce blood levels of MMA, tHcy, and DNA disruptions [8-10].12. Douaud G, Refsum H, de Jager CA, Jacoby R, Nichols TE, Smith SM, Smith AD: Preventing Alzheimers disease- related gray matter There is no risk of cancer from high B12 levels from SUPPLEMENTS. The risk comes from having high levels when you are NOT taking supplements.Dont worry about his high level. He was low.

He needed Vitamin B12. We ask about your vitamin B12 level in order to learn more about your nutrient- related lab values.In order to diagnose abnormal vitamin B12 levels, we couldA normal or high B12 level makes B12 deficiency less likely, but does not rule it out. The b12 level being high was never followed up either (???)Was very freaked out when reading that high b12 can mean cancer but my doctor tells me I dont have leukemia. Latest Publications: IL12B (cancer-related). Elsayed HM, Nabiel Y, Sheta T IL12 GenePURPOSE: The aim of this study was to investigate whether IL-12A, IL-12B, IL-12R1, and IL-27 gene polymorphisms and serum levels of IL-12, IL-27 are associated with esophageal cancer. Vitamin B12 is essential for maintaining healthy bodily function, but higher than normal levels using a reference range of 200 pmol/L to 600 pmol/L may indicate that a patient is at risk of developing certain cancers. A delayed adverse drug effect or interaction could easily occur with vitamin B12 since the time necessary for most patients to become deficient can be delayed one or more years due to high storage levels in the body. Only 6 percent of the people in the study had vitamin B12 levels higher than the recommended upper limit, and these people had a higher risk of being diagnosed with cancer within one year of their abnormal blood tests, especially a cancer related to smoking (lung cancer) or alcohol It helps lower high homocysteine levels due to a genetic methyl blockage issue like MTHFR.The Adenosylcobalamin version of B12 is a natural and active form and stated to be effective against cancer growth, plus being primarily used by the mitochondria. Health Benefits of Vitamin B12.

Protect Against Heart Disease - Adequate levels of vitamins B12, B6, and B9 have been shown to lower levels of a protein in the blood: homocysteine.Protect and Repair DNA to Reduce Cancer Risk and Slow Aging - Absorption of vitamin b12 and Folate (B9) isRelated. A 2003 study published in "Clinical Biochemistry" by Amphia Hospital in lokatie Langendijk, Breda, Netherlands, found the correlation between high B12 levels and people with cirrhosis.If left untreated, hepatitis has the potential to go away, or it can cause liver failure or cancer. BACKGROUND: A substantial proportion of patients referred for plasma vitamin B12 (cobalamin [Cbl]) measurement present with high Cbl levels, which have been reported in patients with different cancer types. While B12s relationship to cancer requires further research, a 2013 study published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute found cancer risks increased with higher B12 blood levels. High levels of vitamin B12 are unusual for someone on metformin. In fact, many people who take this diabetes drug have low vitamin B12 levels.And while there is no cause-effect proven, there is correlation between high B-12 and liver disease and some cancers. High B12 levels in the blood can be the result of liver disease, kidney failure and blood cancers. There is also a condition where a person has too many white blood cells that causes high vitamin B12. Im not a doc or medical researcher, but the only concern I have ever come across in respect to there being any type of danger relating to a high B12 level might involve an opinion by a limited few that it may put one at slightly higher risk for developing certain leukemias. Please try again later. Published on Aug 23, 2017. Cancer - Lung Cancer - Vitamin B-12 - Vitamin B-6 l Could Common VitaminMen who smoked at the beginning of the study period and consumed high levels of the B vitamins were three to four times more likely to develop lung cancer, he added. Conditions That Increase B12 Levels. Some diseases can cause serum B12 levels to increase higher than normal in some people. These include kidney, liver, cancer, and duodenal ulcers (1), diabetes, obesity (2), and cyanide metabolism defects (3). B12 deficiency can be hidden by High b12 levels and cancer - Im taking 5000 mcg of B12. Since beginning this my serum level went from 500 to >2000, is the supplement the cause?Is vitamin B12 deficiancy related to cervicall cancer? I have abnormal cells "highgrade dyskaryosis and wondered if it was related? High vitamin B12 levels. by Georges Mouton MD.Eur J Cancer Prev, 1997. 6 Suppl 1: p. S43-5. Cummings, J.H. and G.T. Macfarlane, Role of intestinal bacteria in nutrient metabolism. Your B12 levels are indeed high, but B12 isnt toxic when present in such large quantities.My wifes recent blood tests showed a level of 1500pg/ml She is very worried as she has read online this can be a sign of cancer. Elevated plasma vitamin B12 levels (cobalamin, Cbl) are associated with increased short-term cancer risk among patients referred for this laboratory measurement.Cancer patients with elevated Cbl levels had higher mortality than those with normal Cbl levels. Related Posts: Harmful effects of supplements can send you to the emergency. Many seniors get unnecessary and potentially harmful cancerHi all I did a B12 test and my B12 levels are to high not low???? any means i could somehow counter act it with something? thanks. High vitamin B12 in the bloodstream is associated with serious diseases. Medical conditions that can increase levels of vitamin B12 include liver disease, kidney failure and a group of blood cancers known as myeloproliferative disorders A third group of non-supplemented patients with high cobalamin levels may be at immediate (mostly within one year of testing) higher risk for new diagnosis of certain smoking and alcohol-related cancers which are non-hematologic. What do extremely high vitamin B12 blood levels mean? Are they harmful? Information, analysis of results and advice on high B12 blood levels.hepatocellular carcinoma cancer of the liver, primary HCC, HCC10,11. Secondary liver tumors. Deficiency in excretion of B12. General Health. Cancer. Healthy Eating.Increase vitamin B12 levels naturally. Vitamin B12 is an essential vitamin that assists in the synthesis of red blood cells, DNA, and RNA.Related Reading: Schizophrenia linked to higher suicide attempts. Related QuestionsMore Answers Below. Can vitamin supplementation cause cancer?A couple of studies have shown links between some cancers (especially of the liver) and raised B12 levels. But it is thought that the cancer causes high B12, not vice versa. Related Articles. What Is a High GGT Level?Chronic myelocytic leukemia or CML is cancer of the bone marrow that has been associated with elevated B12 levels. Its primary objective was to contribute to a high level of consumer health protection in the area ofOther effects of carotenoids, which can be related to cancer preventionHence, rodents have low serum carotenoid levels (about 1/1000 of human levels) that are not related to dietary intake due to If you have vitamin B12 deficiency, youll probably have higher levels of this substance.Breast Cancer Signs Symptoms. Constipated? Avoid These Foods. Lung Cancer Risks: Myths and Facts. Causes of Erectile Dysfunction. Homocysteine can also be recycled back into methionine using vitamin B12- related enzymes.Any measurement above 15 is considered high. Optimal homocysteine levels are below 10 to 12.Breast Cancer Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment. A number of research studies covering cancers such as colon, stomach or breast have linked the disease to lowered B-12 levels.It contains high levels of vitamins such as beta-carotene and B-12, plus good levels of minerals and enzymes. It is green and has a high chlorophyll content. New research has indicated that serum vitamin B12 levels may be useful for the prediction of life expectancy in metastatic solid cancer patients.In patients without a liver lesion, the median survival times were 2.1 and 6.1 mo in the high and normal B12 groups, respectively. Hi Colleen, and thanks for your question regarding high vitamin B12 levels. Firstly, these thoughts and recommendations are purely my own and Im not a doctor (I always like to put this in just to cover myself).Cancer cures. Canker sores. Cellulite. A high level indicates a true B12 deficiency. Causes of vitamin B12 deficiency includeUpdated by: Todd Gersten, MD, Hematology/Oncology, Florida Cancer Specialists Research Institute, Wellington, FL. Study finds higher lung cancer risk among male smokers taking high levels of certain B vitamin supplements. The study did not find the same association for women or nonsmokers. The people I have encountered with the MTHFR gene all have extremely high b12 levelsI know thatHigh B12 levels arepressure B12 levels FurtherTriple negative cancers(more aggressive) are often associated with Basal cell cancersBasal cell cancers like to feed on B12 High vitamin B12 levels may provide an indication that cancer is established. Modifiable factors related to vitamin B12 status such as dietary intake are not likely to be able to influence cancer risk based on this studys results. A study by the Department of Clinical Biochemistry of Aarhus University Hospital in Denmark found that high vitamin B-12 levels increase the risk of blood cancers and cancers related to smoking and alcohol consumption, as reported by Medical Daily. Im a Senior female who recently had a blood test that shows a high level of vitamin B-12. The level is 2000. I have never taken the B-12 shots only multi vitamins.

I have diabetes and have read that a high level of B-12 could be linked to diabetic kidney cancer. Previous studies had suggested an association between high Cbl levels and specific cancers.They also found that after five years of follow-up, the risk for hematological and alcohol and smoking- related cancers remained high for those with levels > 800pmol/L. Medical Conditions and Diseases Related to B12 Deficiency.B12 deficiency results in high levels of homocysteine which can cause depression too.Females who have low levels of vitamin B12 may be at a higher risk of developing cervical and breast cancer. Among those with abnormally high Cbl levels, the risks were particularly elevated for hematological (blood) and smoking- and alcohol- related cancers, such as those affecting the liver, colon, and lungs.