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But in reality, the hosting server may not provide these kinds of third party libraries. A workaround for sending attachment using PHP mail() is to construct a MIME header which contains the attachment information.LikeLike. Reply. Hi Synchro Ive just done tests looking at the headers of an email sent with mail() and with phpmailer (using sendmail) and the " reply-to" header from php mailer is always the php generated email address which isnt for my domain. mail(to,subject,message,header) :) Jun 12 09 2. reply. Expert 5K. P: 5,058. Atli. As usually, I recommend using PHPMailer to send emails.Sign in to post your reply or Sign up for a free account. Similar topics. when PHPmailer is used mail goes to junk why? PHP Mail() and versions. Basically, you want to change the "From:" header to "" (the actual account sending the email), but add a " Reply-To:" header for "". The PHP code will look like this HOME > PHP > PHP Sending Mail > PHP Sending Email Reply-To Header.PHP Sending Email Upload Form Attachment Files Rating Post PHP to Page and Refresh - 6 replies. Zend login form in the header - 1 reply. Backbone post - php does not see POST array - 7 replies.Cannot Modify Header Pluggable.php error - 2 replies. Adding another bcc reciever - 1 reply.

PHP redirect without header(). Its very frustrating when you want to redirect from one page to another, and you get the errorClick here to cancel reply. Name (required). Hi I have forms sent to me from my sites, and Ive set up the php header in the mailing form to reply to the e-mail adress given on the form, but it ALWAYS defaults to the email address the form is sent to. The email address where replies should be sent to. Return-Path : Kinda the same thing as the Reply-To.The extra headers seen above can be entered as a 4th variable in the MAIL command.

","Hello, how are you?","From Failing to do this will result in an error message similar to Warning: mail(): "sendmailfrom" not set in php.ini or custom "From:" header missing.The addition of basic headers, telling the MUA the From and Reply-To addresses How do I put reply-to header here? Reply-to email should be the email that person enters while filling up the form, I dont know PHP can anyone help me out? thanks. So say Im in start.php and I submitted something. Now you want to redirect me to redirect. php, try this: Notice that we put your email address in the From parameter and the visitors email address in the Reply-To parameter. Failing to do this will result in an error message similar to Warning: mail (): "sendmailfrom" not set in php.ini or custom "From:" header missing .The addition of basic headers, telling the MUA the From and Reply-To addresses Hi guys, Ive created a PHP contact form which works perfectly except, when I receive the email to my inbox and go to reply to it, it doesnt reply to the email address of the person who submitted the form - in the reYou dont need the "Reply-to:" header if you have the right "From:" header. I have chaged the following : headers ."Reply-To: Sendern" headers ."Return-Path: SenderBut when i try to sent out the email and view the headers the Return-path is still <> as follows The viewer will learn how to create and use a small PHP class to apply a watermark to an image. rameshkrr6522, there is no HTML for the PHP code. The PHP code is related to the mail function which is server side.Instead I just used the Reply-To header since it does not have to be an address listed in the cPanel even if the domain of the Reply-To email is the same as the site. When a browser makes a request to a php script, the browser sends some http headers which can look like this Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked . » Php mail » Php mail reply to header not working.

. headers (LINE 60) headers . "Reply-To: Kwame can i prevent sql injection in php. How do you do fuzzy searches using bound parameters in PDO? How to check if a value already exists to avoid duplicates? With email cnntaining the address I want to send TO so that people can reply to it to verify their e-mail.You can also use header(Location: thankyou.php) to redirect to another page. ?> I expected it to be sent to the Reply-To address. Is there any way to setup PHP mail to accomplish this? The documentation is not clear about what the Reply-To header actually does. Redirect HTTP to HTTPS. WordPress 404 email alerts.503 Service Unavailable Headers via .htaccess. Random Posts. Spamless email links with PHP and jQuery. Include Google jQuery with Local Fallback. [HOW TO] Convert tabs to spaces in Eclipse and File (in Linux). Amazon EBS VOLUME - Attach/Detach - Mount/UMount - device is busy [SOLUTION]. PHP MAIL Header - REPLY-TO and RETURN-PATH. And I have nothing to contribute to using sendmail. The PEAR repository has two packages that can be used: Mail. php lets you pick among mailIn particular, you cant test the Reply-To header because it will come up as a reply to your own Gmail address rather than the address specified in the header. problem with php mail From header. Im building a website that sends and email to a user when he registers.This is not going to work, and the ISP is right in overwriting it. If you want to redirect the replies to your outgoing messages, use reply-to. Manuel Lemos - 2007-06-08 19:45:48 - In reply to message 6 from Pablo Fuentes. You need to parse the message headers.Then use the PHP array traversing functions to find the headers you are looking for. Set destination addresses, using appropriate methods for handling addresses address headers compact( to, cc, bcc, replyto )For this function to work, the settings SMTP and smtpport (default: 25) need to be set in your php.ini file. Yahoo mail (and likely a few others) will not accept any emails with a "Subject" declared in the additional headers along with "Reply to", "From", etc. 4.3 supports all the mentioned header elements and is no longer case-sensitive.These can include the From, Reply-to and Return-path headers. If these are already in the mail when sendmail sees them, they will not be added or altered. 2 Replies - 14620 Views - Last Post: 07 October 2010 - 08:07 AM Rate Topic: 1 andwilley.I understand the makeup of the HTTP header, just not how to use PHP header() to send POST variables. I have put this to use in my phpFreeChat chat box to allow channels to be specified in the URL as GET parameters. via request headers php a Reply Cancel reply. You must be logged in to post a comment. Im building a website that sends and email to a user when he registers. My code (the gist of it):