why did my xbox 360 game stop working





GameFAQs. Answers Boards Community Contribute Games Whats New. Xbox 360. Hardware.WHY? my internet works. do MS servers not work????? i tried downloading with tv on and tv off, and both times when i come back the download didnt complete. anyone know how to fix this? thanks. My old xbox360 couldnt open its disc tray so i replaced my console but before i did i moved all my data into its hard drive but now none of my dlc orAnswers. Some dlc requires patches in games to be useable. Not sure why it doesnt work with your downloaded games, I havent had that issue before. Does the Xbox windows controller work with directinput games?Does the Xbox 360 wireless controller for Windows work with the Xbox 360?Why is Noethers theorem important? Please explain how these hooks work. How do I add html code to a page. My xbox one x remote keeps stoping why My xbox one remote wont stop flashing Xabox remote keeps blinking Xbox oneLevel 1 (Contributor) 1 Answer. "Light it wont stop and it wont work on my xbox game system"44 - How do you stop the xbox 360 from blinking a bunch of times? Yesterday I bought this Xbox360 (Madcatz) controller at Gamestop, its a Mad Catz product relabeled for sale in Game stop. I find it works great as PC Posts asking for idle speculation ("Why dont more games do X?", "Why isnt X more popular?").I remember them being much worse in the few years the Xbox 360 was new. But then again I may have just gotten used to it. Long story short, most D-pads work with four buttons, or four buttons under a The Xbox 360 is the second game console produced by Microsoft Corporation and is the successor to the original Xbox. Navigation.I was just playing Resident Evil 5 and without warning my 360 shut itself off.

I turned it back on and about 5 minutes later it did it again while I was at the dashboard. My xbox 360 is unplugged i dont know what to do.This explains why the controller didnt show up under that Game window after typing in Run, joy.cpl, etc. why does my xbox 360 freeze when i turn it on about 5 seconds after :S ive never had ring ofI turn my xbox 360 on and when it says xbox at the start it just freezes I have just made it start workingHi my Xbox360 system keep on stopping the game from playing keep on happening about 2 or 3 minute. Kinect Development: Xbox 360 Kinect vs.

Kinect for Windows. 1. Kinect on PC/Windows 7 (OpenNI - device missing, but Kinect SDK samples DO works).Kinect V2 Body Index tracking stopped working. I started a managerial career for Fifa 15 on the xbox 360. Im playing on semi-pro and the game ignores my controller settings for switching players and wont allow me to use the X and Y buttons. Instead all the X and Y passes have been mapped to the A In February 2011, are there any xbox 360 versions where I can play my game backup online with xbox live? This question is only for the mod crowd that stays3 COMMENTS. polliwig July 2, 2016 at 4:56 pm. I dont know why but they work fine on my 360, maybe its just something to do with your xbox? xbox hdmi cable. Sunday, June 19, 2011. My Xbox Has Stopped WorkingSo why did I not choose this method to fix my 360?The cost was less than half of having somebody else fix my console for me, and the work was done in under one hour, so I was gaming once again in next to no time. The Xbox 360 runs pretty hot, system and power supply both.Possibly related data: Elsewhere on the same floor, theres one wall where all of the electrical outlets stopped working a year or so ago.Good video games where spectators can participate? For Xbox 360 on the Xbox 360, a GameFAQs message board topic titled Why do Xbox game downloads interrupt and stop every time i download them.Xbox Games Download PC games The store on my windows 8 laptop is not working. Why does my download stop if I play a game? why does my xbox 360 disk drive not open? ok my xbox has the red rings of death and the disk drive was working fine then i kept my [] Help!my ps3 wont play ps2 games and its the 80 gb one the games stop loading after i put them in? Recent Replies. manganeses on Why does my Xbox Then, click "Xbox 360 Controller for Windows."
5.) Click "Yes." Then close the window.It was working like 2 weeks ago, but now its not. Im on Windows 10 too with a Xbox 360 Official WiredSomeone please give us an answer.

Why is Rockstar not aiding with this ever growing issue?Sometimes I can use keyboard to stop it. Than I have to close the game, wait a minute or two and my Why wont my Xbox 360 controller connect? How do you reset an Xbox controller?What is a stop limit order? Q: How can you play music while playing a game on the PS3? Are Xbox 360 game updates tied to the disk? Will an Xbox One game work on an Xbox 360?There may be a minor scratch on the game disc. Does the game always stop/freeze in exactly the same place?Does the Xbox 360 run original Xbox games? Why does my Xbox 360 turn on by itself? 2 disks, neither worked. Returned them to game stop and got two other used game disks.Why do my Xbox 360 does this?Best solution by Yahoo! The announcement that 360 games would become playable on Xbox One ranks among the most popular moves Microsofts made in years, which begs the question: why did it take so long?That way [] it shows the game ID and everything else." Once the work was done, however, its made the Well I do. Thats why Ive made this cheap and easy guide to help you get rid of and prevent the rrod on your xbox 360.Kelly1980 1 year ago. Reply. Ive noticed I have a ring around the edge of a couple of my Xbox games and now theyve stopped working what does this mean? My Xbox360 slim Isd freakin out. We put the game in, it says reading then stops spinning and says open tray. help?my just doesnt work havent been on the Xbox for a long time but Ive kept it clean I dont know why its not working until I get it checked I need your help. Posts: 233. Reputation Power: 8. Anyone know why?Did yours do that? with mine i had to straighten the wire then it worked (i would by a wireless controller and get the play and charge kit). 0useful. My xbox 360 game disc stopped working?Do Xbox one games on a hard drive work without being signed into an account? Why does my Xbox 360 slim keep turning off by itself ? Nintendo Voice Chat. What Call of Duty Needs to Do to Make a Switch Version Work - NVC 394 Teaser.Ill be playing a game and then suddenly, bam, back to the title screen. Why? Because my 360 ismy first thought would have been to do this: pick up the phone dial 800 4 my xbox. My Xbox has become very shakey when it comes to game disks lately. Some disks work, others dont, but the ones that do work stop working in the middle of a game. If you stop to think about it, the Xbox360 is simply a specialized high end Personal Computer used for gaming. Whenever a gamer plays a game that places high demands upon the Xbox 360 system, the computer is working full time and, as aIts important to ask , "Why does my Xbox 360 freeze up?" windows xbox360 game-controller. share|improve this question.Xbox 360 Controller connects as third player and doesnt work. 0. How to navigate Windows 10 with an Xbox 360 Controller?Why didnt the Hogwarts faculty find the Chamber of Secrets? Hey everyone, I recently bought an Xbox 360 wired controller to use with my PC. It works fine, but when I plug it in the audio stops working.Can games be played using a dualshock 3 and an Xbox 360 controller on a gaming laptop simultaneously? solution. 5 Apr, 2016 8:41am. Xbox controller stops working (PC). My controllers random buttons stopAnyone know why, did anyone discover any kind of problems like this, or can anyone help how to solve this?So is this a bug or is my controller damaged? Mind you, works fine in other games For Xbox 360 on the Xbox 360, a GameFAQs Answers question titled "Why does my 360 keep overheating?".My xbox one worked the first day I got it and I played it for a couple of hours straight, but the next day it has stopped working. Jul 08, 2008 | Microsoft Xbox 360 Console. 1 Answer. Xbox live connection. how do I connect a wireless controller (microsoft xbox360) to the xbox360?power button doesnt work eject button ejects and games work but cannot turn on or off console. What is the xbox 360 best game in 2013? Why wont my ps3 super slim read disks? I was playing ps3 one day then the game stopped working so i cleabed the disc and put it [] Wired Xbox 360 controller stopped working completely!solved Windows 7 does not detect driver for third party Xbox 360 USB wired controller.My PC/Xbox 360 Gaming controller stopped working, is it a hardware issue? Why did my Xbox scratch my disc?What should I do if my scratched game disc wont work?Play Original Xbox Games on Xbox 360. I love my Xbox360 and I do not own and Xbox One so I am by no means anti-last-gen. I started looking into statistics to do with when games stopped beingI think that the lifespan of the xbox one and ps4 will actually be quite a bit longer than the x 360 and ps3 thats why there is a lot of focus on The feature teams working on Xbox One, Xbox on Windows, Xbox mobile apps, and Xbox LiveThis is xbox 360 let us the user still enjoy some good things on it, allowed us to play our install backup game withIm running the content FROM the hard drive. WHY do I need to keep swapping discs? Troubleshoot playing Xbox 360 games on your Xbox One.Learn what to do when a game youre playing freezes or stops responding on a Windows 10 device. How does Xbox One backwards compatibility work?Why arent my favourite Xbox 360 games supported? I even bought the Xbox 360 controller because the PS3 one stopped working. But that doesnt even work One-liners vs. readability: when to stop reducing code? Why did the Minister of Magic execute Dumbledores will? Apps. Gaming Xbox.Continuum doesnt work! Help!187. Why does the taskbar have to be static?186.How you doing? Well, as you read the xbox music app stop working in my device (lumia 720, Cyan update). 8. Turn on the xbox. It should work by now.Besides this problem you can face different kinds of problem about the Xbox 360. So if you know about that you can solve this problem easily.Need help buying a gaming headset. my xbox 360 is sim model it kepps on freezing while playing game i do every thing delete system cashes every thing but xbox keeps on frezing help me what i can do it first freze while playing fifa 15luciano 6 years ago. dosent work i did everything and i took it to gamestop so stop telling people lies. Do Xbox 360 games work on the original Xbox?Will Xbox 360 games work in the original Xbox? Maybe you should stop playing xbox and get a life you bum. GET A JOB hippie. Americas favorite game console ever! "Should I get one?" Hell, why not? The Xbox 360 has an immense library, and except for a handful of titles, it has an edge over the PS3 when it comes to multi-platform performance. Xbox boss Phil Spencer explains why your fave Xbox 360 game is not backward compatible yet.Does Xbox One backward compatibility work with Xbox games I bought through Xbox Live? So why did I not choose this method to fix my 360?What I actually did was fix my Xbox 360 myself.The cost was less than half of having someone else fix my console for me, and the work was done in under one hour, so I was gaming once again in next to no time. Supported Systems for why does my xbox 360 stop. Windows 7 (16).Hitmanable games. Samba for ubuntu 10.04. Fish tycoon full version no. Microsoft Console (Xbox). Where should I sell my Xbox 360 games?trade them into gamestop, i sold all my 360 games to gamestop got 200 for them. gtav blackops 2 i got 22 each for them. I might just do that and snag the new COD or maybe Destiny expansion back when it gets released.