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Top 10 Best Guns, Weapons and Gear for Zero The Assassin in Borderlands 2 PumaCounts, Borderlands 2 | ZeroBorderlands 2 - Bloodshed Zer0 Build - Melee Assassin Epicness! Borderlands 2 Theory: What is Zero? (Is Zer0 an Alien, Robot or Something Else) PumaTheories. Version. 2.0. DownloadViewing: About this mod. A melee weapon for Borderlands, based on Sledges hammer. Permissions and credits. For a melee build I think the melee accessory (Sublime prefix) is rather useful as I get the melee damage bonus for all weapons in slots from 1 to 3. When comparing toGeneral info - Borderlands - Wikia. Getting a mission reward will never be the same :-] Borderlands 2 Weapon Parts Chart. For Borderlands 2 on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Best weapons for a melee Zero?".The best assassin and Zero skill builds in Borderlands 2. MORE. Sign In Join. 24. LevelSkip » Action-Adventure Games Borderlands 2 Assassin/Zero melee zero but Borderlands 2.I also use 42 Melee damage mod with Resurgence and backstab, As for relic Im using a 50 Health one because this build requires you to have 0 shields pretty much all the time, but you could swap out for a melee if you feel you arent getting the damage done. So how would you build Zero from level 1? Go down the Sniper tree then work on Cunning and then lastly Bloodshed?Hey VP what do you think about Melee weapons in borderlands 3, such as: Crimson lance swords, buzz axes, nomad shields, ect. [Download] NEW BEST MELEE BUILD ZERO BUILD LEVEL 72 BORDERLANDS 2.Full Download Top 10 Best Guns Weapons And Gear For Zero The Assassin In Borderlands 2 PumaCounts VIDEO and Games With Gameplay Walkthrough And Tutorial Video HD. Borderlands 2 - Melee. Jump to a section: Home Releases Credits Characters List Overview Story Gameplay Classes Weapons / Equipment Challenges Locations Enemies Editions Media DLC Easter Eggs Walkthrough Achievements Cheats. I am not going to solo Borderlands 2 the entire time, but I am wondering if I want to will it be impossible to solo some parts with a melee built Zero?I can beat all games by myself on their second to hardest mode by myself if that means anything.

Borderlands 2 | Commando/Axton Skill Builds. Updated on January 17, 2013.Assassin/Zero Skill Builds.Impact [MAX]- Gun Damage 20, Melee Damage 15.

Expertise [2/5]- Weapon Swap Speed 28, Aim Speed 28, Movement Speed while aiming 14. We arent looking at a melee build though. Were looking at whats possibly the best Assassin solo build, which makes use of Zeros sniper rifle skills for massive damage.Incoming search terms: borderlands 2 assassin build. Borderlands 2- Level 72 Zero Melee Build Deathstroke - YouTube. Read more.Read more. This Build is Designed to Turn. User:KillarDeez/Builds - Borderlands Wiki - Walkthroughs, Weapons Is melee zero viable now? cuz i think i would like to play it , holding down the shoot buttons just seems to not be my style.Top 10 Weird and Strange Guns and Weapons in Borderlands 2 PumaCountsVinylicPumaGaming. Borderlands 2.I tried to balance melee and guns, with a focus on big Jakobs weapons: Gun Type: Melee/Jakobs Guns Name and Link: Razors Edge: Casual Jakobs-Allegiance Hybrid Level of Build: Level 72/OP8 Specific Gear Needed: Yes Difficulty Level: Medium/High. Borderlands 2 Melee Weapons. Borderlands 2: The Rapier as a gun- Does it Suck!?This is my high damage build for Zero (Zer0) the Assassin this is a very powerful end game build for borderlands 2. Pistols will be Borderlands 2 Melee Built Zero Assassin Skill Tree and Class Setup!Borderlands 2 - HOW TO GET THE BEST MELEE WEAPON - THE RAPIER. Want to do MASSIVE melee damage? Borderlands 2- Level 72 Zero Melee Build Deathstroke Добавлено: 4 год. назад.Marzec Gaming 3 год. назад. Borderlands 2 - How To Find Pearlescent Weapons Ancient Rel Start date: 2012-09-29. Borderlands 2 Unique Mission Rewards.As long as your shield is at zero it will keep setting off nova blasts every 2 seconds.Becomes overpowered for melee builds when used with the Order shield from the quest: BFFs. Overview of optimal gear, and skill-build to play Melee Zero at OP level 8. Some gameplay to demonstrate. Tags: Borderlands Level Zero Melee Build Deathstroke.Mauzeyman 4 years ago. I need those two bladed weapons like that does anyone have those for lvl 72. Borderlands 2 | OP8 Hyperius vs Sniper Zero In 4 Seconds. I failed at the beginning, but I decided to leave it in.Borderlands 2: Gothalions OP8 Melee Ninja Assassin Zer0 Build and Save File! Borderlands2 skill calculator. (Vanilla). Reload Speed and Weapon Swap Speed per level. C0unter Strike. After getting hit, your next melee attack has a chance to deal damage per level.

Borderlands 2: Assassin Power Sniping Build. Posted by Major Slack.Killer — This skill (when maxed) will give you 50 bonus critical hit damage and 75 faster reload speed on all weapon types for eight seconds after every kill. Популярные игры. Мобильная. Borderlands 2- Level 72 Zero Melee Build Deathstroke.King Gothalion 4 год. Top 10 Best Guns, Weapons and Gear for Zero T This is my melee build for Zero. With this you can stab all the things and make them die. You will feel like a ninja and that is cool .does anyone have a knife grog on ps3 I have modded weapons in trade. The First Borderlands 2 Weapons : Legendary — Maliwan. > Expeditious Thunderball Fists (Pistol). This weapon has a shock elemental effect but might use a lot of ammo to drivePrice : 107,955. The Location : , Frostburn Canyon, Scorch. The Second Borderlands 2 Weapons : Legendary Bandit. Assassin - Borderlands 2: Zer0 represents the Assassin class in Borderlands 2. TheAny attack by Zer0 with his sword or a gun will break Decepti0n, or after the timer reaches zero (typically 5 seconds, depending on the skill tree).Shotguns: Shotguns are the primary weapon for a melee Assassin. I want to specifically focus on a Melee build, and I was looking for the optimal talent/ weapon combination to pull this off.-2. In Borderlands 2, what is the stealth aspect of Zero? 4. How do I farm effectively as a lone Assassin ( Zero)?damage build for Zero (Zer0) the Assassin this is a very powerful end game build for borderlands 2. Pistols will be your main weapon "Infinity Pistol"build" "best zero build borderlands 2" "zero build" "zero build borderlands 2" "borderlands 2 zero sniper build" "borderlands 2 zero build melee" Top 10 Best Guns, Weapons and Gear for Zero The Assassin in Borderlands 2 PumaCounts - Продолжительность: 16:22 VinylicPumaGaming 258 103 просмотра.Borderlands 2: Gothalions OP8 Melee Ninja Assassin Zer0 Build and Save File! Borderlands 2 Zero Sniper/Melee Build : Skill Tree 758 x 428 png Borderlands 2 - Captain Blades Rapier, Best Melee Weapon 1920 x 1080 jpeg 247kB. Borderlands 2.The most important ammo for a melee zero are grenades so be sure to grab extra slots for them.Two Fangs is a good skill for Rubi slagging, but not in a melee build, and not if you are using a sniper rifle.Always spawn with a blade accessory, boosting the weapons melee damage to 200. Borderlands 2 Assassin/Zero Skill Builds. Updated on April 12, 2016. Ttocs L.Fast Hands 5/5: Reload Speed 25, Weapon Swap Speed 50. Killing Bl0w 1/5: Melee Damage 100 when an enemy is at low health. Partner reddits. /r/Borderlands2 accepts non-text posts. 400 more link karma!Always spawn with a blade accessory, boosting the weapons melee damage to 200.If you have any sort of questions on how to handle Zer0 without gear, as a melee build, I advise watching her video series. Borderlands 2 Zer0 Melee Guide by loursnoir. Table of Contents. Introduction (MZG1) The Meta Game (MZG1-1) Gearing Zero (MSG2) Guns (MZG2-1) Shields (MZG2-2) Class Mods (MZG2-3) Grenades (MZG2-4) Relics (MZG2-5)Without melee damage on your weapon, your melee build will suffer. Borderlands 2 - Captain Blades Rapier, Best Melee Weapon for Zero?This is an overview of my level 72 Zero build that I have found to do the most melee damage possible (Note: This is NOT an overpower 8 build, but will still work Here you will find a leveling guide for melee Zero from the beginning all the way to level 72. I show how I would allocate my skill points leveling up andborderlands 2 zero build borderlands 2 zero gameplay borderlands 2 zero melee build level 72 borderlands 2 zero melee build borderlands 2 Courage Ekhaguere: great vid Im going to try this build just started a new game with zero. diamond raider: does anyone have a knife grog on ps3 I have modded weapons in trade.Raybrand : which melee class build do you prefer? Watch Here is tutorial some videos about Borderlands 2 Zero Melee Build. Assassin - Borderlands 2 Wiki Guide - IGN Assassin - Borderlands 2: Zer0 represents the Assassin class in Borderlands 2. The Assassin obliterates enemies. 2 Nov 2012 - 27 minAs Ive had a number of you request I do the Zer0 video I finally went through every single Title : Borderlands 2- Level 72 Zero Melee Build Deathstroke. be like water or grim for melee zero? borderlands 2? My primary focus being a melee weapon skill of choice Borderlands 2 Zero Builds. Sniper: Perfect build for long range shooting significant damage.Faster weapons can gain stacks more quickly, but slower weapons retain stacks for a longer period of time. Death Mark [1/1]: Dealing melee damage marks a target for 8 seconds. The raid bosses in Borderlands 2 are way to over powered on Over Powered Level 8 with billions of health. This post will help you be prepared for pretty much any fight.Krieg and Zero can just use melee builds with the Rapier or any bladed weapon. Borderlands 2 - OP8 Melee Krieg Overview (Revamped). Just showing and explaining more of the build/gear choice/stratz ENJOY!Borderlands 2 Invincible Melee Krieg Setup and Weapons (LV 72). Borderlands 2 zero melee build weapons pictures 5. Borderlands 2 Building A Melee Zero Livestream NOW!!!Best Melee Build - Fallout 4 ( Best melee weapon and Armour) MTashed How to get the legendary Grognaks Axe and Grognaks costume. Borderlands 2: Gothalions OP8 Melee Ninja Assassin Zer0 Build and Save File!Borderlands 2 | OP0 Pyro Pete vs Melee Zero In 1:58. Top 10 Best Non-Unique Guns and Weapons in Borderlands 2 PumaCounts. Melee is the act of physically striking an opponent, either with fists or with a basic striking weapon such as a club or a blade. Each class comes with his or her own distinctive melee attack, though the attacks all have the same speed and inflict the same base damage. Borderlands 2:Assault Rifle. From Borderlands Wiki. Jump to: navigation, search.Assault rifles are built for solid damage over sustained time and distance, and they dont get the outsize critical bonuses of weapons like sniper rifles and revolvers.Melee damage . (Become Invincible) 17:39Borderlands 2: Zer0 vs every boss from the main campaign at 60 FPS. (commentary) 16:22Top 10 Best Guns, Weapons and Gear for(W/ Surprising Results) 19:01How to play Melee Zero, Chapter One: Theory 11:55 Borderlands 2: Best Level 72 Melee Zero Build 5 The Borderlands 2 Class Mods enhance the abilities of each character with awesome customization that enhance your weapons, health, shields and many more items that it5 Shots, or 6 (Lucky). Filled to the Brim (Loaded). — Zero The Assassin Mods.Iron Hand (Rugged). Melee damage .